Shop Small Day 182: Alpha Beta Karma

Crappy t-shirt shop, crappy t-shirt shop, fudge, crappy… wait…what’s this?! Yes, in the “water-park capital” of America, real stores do exist! While trolling the “downtown,” my heart skipped a beat and I almost did a little dance (which frighteningly wouldn’t have looked out of place) when I came across Alpha Beta Karma

Guys, if you’ve been at the Dells with another couple or two and have occasionally left the women watching the kids in waterpark hell while you¬†enjoyed a few extra beers, pick her up a little somethin’ somethin’ from Alpha Beta Karma and you may work your way back into her social graces!

imageYes, it’s like a mini-Anthropologie oasis in the middle of tourism city. Adorable boots, fabulous purses & bags, handmade jewelry, dresses and clothes for the real world.

Alpha Beta Karma would rock no matter where it’s located. ¬†But after a few twists and turns in life, in 2011 owner Kelli Trumble opened a shop in the Dells that she describes as “equal parts Parisian market and So Ho boutique – think of it as elegance with an edge.” I completely agree!
My daughter has a birthday coming up, so she picked out a great little denim jacket (that may find its way into my closet!). I had my eye on several dresses & tops though too.

Forget the “free” hermit crab (I seriously cannot believe how many families were getting these) and 3 for $10 t-shirts that will fall apart after one wash and head over to Alpha Beta Karma. These are the true “souvenirs” you’ll want to bring home!

I still can’t believe that this tourist mecca has non-existent reception & wi-fi, so although I couldn’t post, there’s a bunch of great shop postings coming soon!

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Alpha Beta Karma
212 Broadway
Wisconsin Dells, WI

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