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Shop Small Day 196: The Chalkboard

If you’re a teacher in the area you’ve probably been to today’s shop several times. Although my teaching days are long over, there are still plenty of great things to find at The Chalkboard As you’d expect from a teacher store, there are plenty of classroom decorating boarders, banners, and essentials. There are also shelves... Read more »

Shop Small Day 195: Nest Vintage Modern

A few weeks ago my friend was out shopping and texted me “You HAVE to come to this store!” Since then, I’ve tried twice. Once it was just past closing time, the other time I was about an hour too early. I think the universe it actually trying to protect my wallet, it may be... Read more »

Shop Small Day 194: Warren's Ale House

I have to thank my friend Sarah for today’s small business. If it weren’t for her fantastic fundraiser last night, I would still be in the dark about this place. I didn’t have a typical experience here, but, from what I saw last night, I’ll definitley be back to Warren’s Ale House. Even though I’m... Read more »

Shop Small Day 193: Bird on a Wire Studio

Ok, crafty friends this new place is for you! Actually, it seems more suited to your crafty kids. Need a rainy day activity? Looking for a unique party idea? Then drop in to Bird on a Wire Studio. For creative kids, Bird on a Wire Studio will become their home away from home! They offer... Read more »

Shop Small Day 192: Fuschia

Who says it’s impossible to shop adorable boutiques without spending a fortune? You just need to know when to shop. And, this weekend’s Glen Ellyn Sidewalk Sales are the perfect time hit Fuschia. I’ve always been drawn to boutiques because, generally, lesser known brands often mean higher quality. Since I don’t shop often, I don’t... Read more »

Shop Small Day 191: Ice Cream Planet

I can’t believe I’ve lived in the Chicago suburbs my entire life & I’ve never heard of this place.   Ok, the store has only been here for 15 years, but still, no excuse! It’s off the beaten path, so had I not searched for small shops in the Brookfield area, I still wouldn’t have found... Read more »

Shop Small Day 190: From Scratch Marketplace

Starting your own bakery, or any food company, can be overwhelming. Many start out as home-based businesses, until they outgrow their home kitchen.  The next step, though, renting a commercial kitchen can be expensive.   Unless, you join From Scratch Marketplace This licensed commercial kitchen provides the opportunity for local gourmet shops to create, sell,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 189: Wagner's Farmstand

Hooray! My favorite farmstand has opened for the season! The Wagner family moved to Naperville in 1961 and have been selling their homegrown produce ever since. They’ve grown a bit from their original roadside stand, now it’s more of a roadside barn. They’re only open for a short season, so I always make it a... Read more »

Shop Small Day 188: wbig1280

It seems like some months, every major purchase comes in on the credit card at once. Yikes! Summer months especially are full of extras: meals out, entertainment, day trips. Saving money is always welcome. Sure you could wait for Groupon to have a random deal near you, or you could find great deals immediately on... Read more »

Shop Small Day 187: What's New

I get it, it’s hot out. I’m quite certain I’m the only one enjoying these 100° temps. So, if you prefer staying in the AC, you’re in luck. Remember yesterday when I said our town has two new shops? Not only are they right next door to each other, there’s an interior door so you... Read more »