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Shop Small Day 174: Cool Creations

I’m pretty certain I can find he best ice cream shop in any town. Maybe it was the beautiful weather, maybe it was watching 6 hours of baseball- whatever the reason- today was a double scoop kind of day! Good thing we found Cool Creations! Located in historic Lockport, Cool Creations is a 1950’s style... Read more »

Shop Small Day 173: LaGrange Theatre

I’ve started dreaming about shopping small. Seriously. I’m wandering down hidden winding streets, finding quaint little shops, and enjoying outdoor cafes. Maybe it also has to do with wanting to walk outside without rain for more than five minutes! At least it was gorgeous for the parade & rally yesterday. All of this rain, though,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 172: Lil' J's Bohemia

I’ve featured a few vegan & gluten-free spots lately, so I figured it was only fitting to embrace your inner hippie with today’s shop. I like this store because of its fun merchandise, but I love it even more since it stands out dramatically from the rest in Naperville. Head your peace-loving self over to... Read more »

Shop Small Day 171: Guess What's Cooking

Cream, butter, sugar, flour, eggs. Combine those ingredients and you can pretty much create any delicious dessert. Unless you’re living a gluten-free lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people think they have to sacrifice great taste when eliminating gluten, especially in baked goods. Not anymore! I know there are preconceived notions that gluten-free can’t possibly taste good. That’s... Read more »

Shop Small Day 170: Thanks Jordan Vegan Cafe

Well, that was quite a storm tonight. Unfortunately it thwarted my plans to stop for a smoothie.  Don’t stop reading just because there’s “vegan” in the title; this cafe is incredible for reasons more than just their food. Welcome to Thanks Jordan Vegan Cafe. Though they are focused on vegan, raw, gluten-free, and organic foods,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 169: Delicia

Unless you’re living off the grid (in which case you aren’t reading this then either) you know that the Blackhawks are playing Game 6 tomorrow night. Sure, you could go to any bar and watch the game eating pizza and wings. Or, you could watch the game and enjoy shrimp fajitas, a mango margarita, and... Read more »

Shop Small Day 168: Duck Soup

Based on my Facebook feed, it seems like there’s lots of college visits happening. If your collegiate is more patchouli & almond milk than pizza & beer, don’t worry, they won’t go hungry if they’re headed to Northern Illinois. Duck Soup provides all of their organic and natural health care needs. Duck Soup opened in... Read more »

Shop Small Day 167: Katic Breads

Every so often I stumble on a business whose story I love almost as much as their product. Such is the case with today’s shop. I am hooked on Katic Breads. Here’s the story I learned talking to his sister, Gigi. While living in France, Dusan Katic (Gigi’s brother) realized that bread played a fundamental... Read more »

Shop Small Day 166: More Big News

First of all, if you haven’t subscribed to Shop Small through email or follow on Facebook do so now…you do NOT want to miss tomorrow’s post! I am crazy excited about this new business. But, it’s 10:45pm, and it’s been such a jam-packed day, that it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. So, I figured tonight... Read more »

Shop Small Day 165: Independence Coffee Co.

It all started with Koobies. For whatever reason, I didn’t acquire a taste for coffee until I turned 30. Long gone were the high-school days of Jolt Cola, I was a “grown-up” and figured it was time to make the switch. Of course, I started with mochas which aren’t really “grown-up” at all, but that’s... Read more »