Day 133: Foodstuffs

Apparently I didn’t come prepared for our afternoon in Evanston…I should have brought a cooler & dry ice. Without the cooler, we had to eat everything right then, which we managed no problem.  I wouldn’t necessarily call Foodstuffs a grocery store, it’s more the speciality fresh market I’ve been missing.

Foodstuffs is your one stop for fresh baked goods, pastries, salads, cheeses, and made-to-order sandwiches. Their seafood & meat departments looked fabulous as well, but didn’t think it would survive the 90 minute drive back home without a cooler.  I did have one of their shrimp & crab chimichanga- yeah, I should’ve bought six more.

I suppose some may compare Foodstuffs to Whole Foods, but it’s really in a class of its own. There’s a case full of prepared foods: tenderloin sliders, lobster salad sandwich (yum!), pasta salads, and about 30 other options. They even heated the mozzarella sticks so my daughter could eat them right away. Want to create your own salad or sandwich, no problem: choose from their delicious options or build your own.

Foodstuffs started in 1979, their first location in Glencoe; three more locations followed over the next twenty years. It’s no mistake that it feels like a market, Foodstuffs was deliberately modeled after the fabulous European markets: commitmented to fresh, quality, delicious ingredients. While they also provide online shopping for their gourmet foods, you really should check out the store itself.

I wish there were one closer, it’s a great option for lunch, dinner carry-out, tailgating, or a picnic. I would love to try their award-winning catering also- perhaps they need a fifth location in the west suburbs!

Heading back to Evanston next weekend, any recommendations?

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2106 Central St.
Evanston, IL

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