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Shop Small Day 148: Sharko's BBQ

I prefer a pulled pork sandwich over a hamburger any day. But, finding a quick bbq spot for lunch in the ‘burbs isn’t easy. Until now! If you’ve grown up in the Chicago area, you’re probably familiar with the name. They’ve stuck to catering over the past decade since their last restaurant closed, but they’re... Read more »

Shop Small Day 147: Charlie's @ 1C5

It’s sort of a family joke that we remember vacations by the foods we ate: Bang Bang Shrimp in Florida, ravioli in San Diego, lobster rolls in Maine. But, you don’t often get to see people fly in for breakfast. Unless you go to Charlie’s! If you’ve ever been to Wilderness Falls, you’ve been right... Read more »

Day 146: Divine Consign

I have the ten year bug.  We’ve been in our house for almost 11 years (where did that time go?) and everything is starting to look dated.  When I hear something happened a decade ago- I still think they mean the 1990’s. It’s definitely time for some new furniture.  But, with a ten year old... Read more »

Day 145: Stubby Pencil Studio

When we think about small businesses, of course the brick & mortor shops come to mind. But, there are plenty of small shop owners (like myself) that are online businesses. These stores need our support too, it’s certainly not easy competing with Amazon & big name shops any easier online. Not only is this web-based... Read more »

Day 144: Paul's Pizza Den

I love the idea of living at the lake house. Morning coffee on the porch, cocktails on the patio, waking up to the lake & cranberry bogs. And then I remember that the woods totally freak me out. I keep thinking that I’ll stop expecting Michael Meyers to step in front of my car, but... Read more »

Day 143: Tremblay's Sweet Shop

What’s a Main Street without an old-fashioned candy shop? Not one I want to visit!  Hayward, Wisconsin doesn’t disappoint here.  Remember, it’s Memorial Day weekend and we’re on a virtual vacation at my sister’s lakehouse. Even though the guys could stay on the lake fishing for hours, it’s not hard to entice anyone to ride... Read more »

Day 142: Red Schoolhouse Wines

Well, it’s the long Memorial Day weekend and it’s travel baseball season. So you know what that means? Momma’s going nowhere. I doubt baseball concession stands count as small businesses (though they do support your local parks, so pick up a candy bar or cotton candy), so we’re going on a virtual vacation to the... Read more »

Day 141: Sushi N Noodle

Before I get to today’s small business I have good news and bad news.  Let’s get the awful news out first.  My beloved new favorite shop,  Lola’s, is closing. I am heartbroken. But, she’s hoping to sell.  So, if you’ve always wanted to own a fabulous store in a Rockwellian town here’s your chance! This... Read more »

Day 140: Windward Boardshop

In 1982, Lester Zewlewski opened Windward Sports, a store dedicated to windsurfing and sailboarding. He was betting that his knowledge and experience (along with great customer service) would help propel enthusiasm for the sports. His gamble paid off. Over the next thirty years the store grew to include snowboarding, skateboarding, in-line skating, as well as... Read more »

Day 139: Gabby's Gifts

You know when you’re shopping with a girlfriend and you come across a store that has you simultaneously cracking up and uttering “wait, come look at this!”? Other customers end up catching your infectious laughing & pretty soon you may as well just whip up some cocktails because everyone is now friends? Yeah, that’s Gabby’s... Read more »