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Day 110: Smokey's Wood Pit Bbq

Today’s your lucky day, a “double header!” Yep, you’ll get days 110 & 111 today because… well, I just didn’t get day 110 done before my son’s baseball game last night, and beer & pizza afterwards lead to a late night!  So, here we go with Smokey’s Wood Pit Bbq. If you’re out driving around... Read more »

Day 109: Sweet Mandy B's

Since we’re finally getting a break in the weather, take a drive to the city for one of my favorite bakeries. Several readers have recommended it as one of their favorites too. So, if you haven’t been there, it’s time to try Sweet Mandy B’s!   Probably best known for their cupcakes, I can also... Read more »

Day 108: Ingram's Busy Bee Bakery

It just wouldn’t be fair for me to pass up a bakery. I mean, in the sense of research, I need to stop by each one I find, right? I’ve been craving the cinnamon bread from Morris bakery, but just haven’t had a time to get back there. So, I had to stop in Ingram’s... Read more »

Day 107: Consider it Done...

Looking for a whimsical gift?  Need a little something to perk up your mood after all of this rain?  Chances are you’ll find your smile (and probably a laugh or two!) at Consider it Done. Another great find just steps from the tracks in Downers Grove (just a short train ride, city friends), Consider it... Read more »

Day 106: Jeans and a Cute Top

Since the sun was actually shining today, I decided to hit a couple new stores after my trip to Lemon Tree Grocer. It also helped that I had a $15 coupon for Jeans and a Cute Top burning a hole in my pocket! I also thought that maybe a new spring top would help bring... Read more »

Day 105: Boston

Today our thoughts are with those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. We have no answers, and even if we did, they still wouldn’t remove the shock and devestation. I am inspired by the first responders and bystanders, the silent heroes, who never hesitate to run toward the unknown face of danger. I’ll be back... Read more »

104: Shane's Deli

Ahhh.. what a fabulous Sunday.  Sunny, 70°, Hawks win…what could be better?! In case you missed the Facebook picture (my first question would be why aren’t you following us on Facebook?), the day started with a trip to Natt’s Orchids. Gorgeous isn’t it? The kid’s and I enjoyed a fairly lazy afternoon, and my husband... Read more »

Day 103: Full Sunday

Tomorrow is supposed to be 73°! Yippee! So, get out of the house & go support some small business favorites. I know these stores aren’t all in close proximity of each other, but depending where the road takes you on a gorgeous Sunday, maybe you’ll hit one or two of these shops. Breakfast. There’s no... Read more »

Day 102: Natt's Orchids

I love orchids. I don’t know much about them and I’m not great at keeping them alive, but they’re one of my two favorite flowers (dahlias are the other, in case you’re wondering!). They’re a survivor flower: they’re a gorgeous surprise thriving in often harsh conditions, like April in Chicago! If you love orchids, but... Read more »

Day 101: The Cellar Bistro

Based on friends’ Facebook comments, it looks like everyone has had a hell of a week and is ready for a glass of wine.  What I could really go for is a good meal.  One that is prepared FOR me with the same level of consciousness to sustainability that I use.  Sounds like it’s time to... Read more »