Day 118: Two Mothers Foods

Ok, my friends.  It’s been a long day;  you’re hungry, your family is hungry, and everyone wishes dinner were on the table 20 minutes ago. Choices seem pretty limited: fast-food, pizza, basically junk…and usually a chain. Now, throw food sensitivities, gluten-free, or vegan necessities into the mix and good luck. Well, until now, it’s mom to the rescue- two moms actually. Two Mothers Foods.

Owners Christy & Mayumi are obviously both moms, but they also both have amazing culinary backgrounds and influences from around the world. Most importantly, they’re both passionate about creating meals that nourish your body and soul: using organic & local ingredients whenever possible. Caitlyn is another fabulous part of their team, she’s not only a talented chef, she’s also gifted at sewing.

Just like mom wanted you to eat your veggies, Two Mothers Foods is passionate about your nutritional needs. Although, with food like this, you’ll forget that it’s incredibly healthy, because it’s incredibly delicious. Yes, the two can go hand in hand!
While you can eat in the small cafe at Two Mothers Foods, carry-out is popular, and they also provide catering and school lunches. I love their carry-out though because everything is served in Ball Jars (of course they appreciate it if you return them!). image For the price of a pizza, you can also join the “dinner club” which includes a main entrée, side dish, salad, and dessert for four people. image

Even though they’re in a plain strip-mall, their food is anything but ordinary. We love the nights Two Mothers Foods puts dinner on the table!

Where do you pick up a quick, healthy dinner?

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Two Mothers Foods
1659 N Route 59
Naperville, IL


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    I love this challenge. Given that upwards a large percentage of businesses are small, family owned buisness I love what you're doing. I think I may join you!!

  • Thanks, Nicki! It's a blast finding amazing businesses. Do you have any favorites?

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