Day 115: Oswald's Pharmacy

When I was a kid we used to go to Schmid Pharmacy. I think it’s even where I got my cruches when I broke my leg, but I don’t really remember. What I do remember about Schmid’s Pharmacy was their chocolate malt cups complete with a little wooden spoon. I’m pretty sure I got one every time we went; though looking back now, it was probably a bribe so I would behave in the store.

After 44 years in business, Schmid’s closed making way for CVS, Walgreens and other chains, much like other local pharmacies. Well, most others. I know of one that still remains: Oswald’s Pharmacy.


One thing that hasn’t changed about Oswald’s in the past 135 years, is that they’ve always been more than simply a pharmacy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever visited there for the pharmacy!

Though they don’t carry the chocolate malt cups, my kids did get the Dover mini-activity books each time we went when they were young. Since I’m not at Trader Joe’s every other week anymore, I hadn’t been in Oswald’s in a while. What was a great selection before is even better now! They’ve expanded their toy section, but still carry several PlayMobil and Lego lines. I was surprised to see the Lyricology signs that I saw at Moxie, this time I couldn’t pass them up: not sure if I’m keeping both, I really want the Louis Armstrong one but can’t find it!

Of course you can find general drug store items and home medical supplies, but you’ll probably leave with an extra magazine, book, nostalgic candy, toy, or home accessory (when is the last time you found fun decor at Walgreens?). Find a great gift? They even have a full service post office for stamps and sending packages!

And, they’re open 7 days a week!

One reader mentioned I should check out Merz Apothecary, any other small pharmacies you visit?

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Oswald’s Pharmacy
88 W. Gartner Road
Naperville, IL


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