Day 114: TLC for your four-legged friends

Several years ago when my kids were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2, and my husband was out of town, I had the brilliant idea to adopt a puppy.  I figured life was crazy already, why not throw a puppy in the mix.  The worst part of the first year, though, was vet visits.  Trying to entertain two little ones while we were kept waiting forever was a nightmare.  Throw in a neurotically nervous dog that kept trying to jump off the exam table, and I was ready for a Cuervo IV drip.

After one particularly trying visit, I was complaining to my friend & she said I should use her vet, she comes to the house. Wait, what?! I figured what I was going to save in sanity, I would surely spend on a “house call.” Turns out it’s not only extremely reasonable, but it’s like having a trusted family friend care for our pup.

Dr. Maxine Franck talked me through a scary night when Kiki ate an ant trap, and she came to check on her today when my normally barking-“guard dog” started shivering and climbing on my lap.

It’s fabulous that Kiki was able to stay comfortable in our home & not have the added stress at the vet office. Dr. Franck took her time with us, answered all of my questions, and set her up with an antibiotic.

If you have a four-legged “family” member and want the convenience and care of a house call vet, give Dr. Franck a call. Hopefully you’ll be within her area of service.

My pup is already eating again tonight & have no doubt she’ll be back to her playful self soon.


Dr. Maxine Franck

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