Day 111: McGonigal's Pub

Today is Sunday and it’s a gorgeous day.  When I was a kid that would have meant one thing, a “Sunday drive.”  Basically my father would pull a bait & switch: starting with a great breakfast out, then we were trapped for the day driving God only knows where.  I’m oh-so-thrilled that my husband enjoys those same types of drives.  But, I’m slightly starting to warm up to the idea, mostly because of this Shop Small Challenge.  Thankfully, today’s loooonnnnnggg drive to Barrington did result in a delicious dinner (I get a little stabby when I get hungry) at McGonigal’s Pub.

McGonigal’s recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary, but the building has been there much longer. Although it has been several restaurants (even a camera store) over the past 50 years, it was originally a First State Bank of Barrington dating back to 1913. Much of the brick and woodwork is still original. They even have a table in the old vault. Our server, Nicole, was great & answered my endless questions about the building’s history.

imageNot only was the setting cool and the beer cold, the food was really good. My daughter had traditional fish & chips, my son happily inhaled the pot roast sliders on pretzel bread, my husband enjoyed their reuben, and I had a great chicken sandwich also on a pretzel roll.

My sandwich was so good that I’ve been wondering if my leftovers would make it until lunch tomorrow. My daughter was looking forward to her fish sandwich tomorrow too. But…I’m totally bummed, though. Half hour into our drive home my husband asked if I remembered to grab the leftover box. I seriously considered making him turn around, but I’m quite certain they’re long gone by now. Sniff, sigh.

Considering the three of them devoured the desserts, I’m assuming they were good. I’m sure I’m one of the only people on the planet who doesn’t like hot dessert; sometimes I think they order them just so they won’t have to share! Their skillet cookie is baked to order and is served in a cute cast iron pan, they also liked the bread pudding.

So, when you go, don’t forget your leftovers. You’ll be kicking yourself in a couple hours like I am!

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McGonigal’s Pub
105 S. Cook St.
Barrington, IL

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