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Day 120: The Swim Team Store

Oh, this weather makes me “happy, happy, happy!”   Windows are open, birds are singing, and the kids can even wear shorts for their “spring” sports.  Today makes those summer pool days actually feel tangible! So close even, that today’s small business is for our swimmers. I never knew The Swim Team Store existed until... Read more »

Day 119: Wannemaker's Home & Garden

Remember those hellacious Sunday drives I mentioned a few posts ago (read here if you missed it!)? Those drives often led to afternoon browsing at a store that, as a kid, I couldn’t understand why my parents would ever want to be there…no toys. Funny how life goes full circle sometimes. Wannemaker’s was family run... Read more »

Day 118: Two Mothers Foods

Ok, my friends.  It’s been a long day;  you’re hungry, your family is hungry, and everyone wishes dinner were on the table 20 minutes ago. Choices seem pretty limited: fast-food, pizza, basically junk…and usually a chain. Now, throw food sensitivities, gluten-free, or vegan necessities into the mix and good luck. Well, until now, it’s mom... Read more »

Day 117: American Science and Surplus

What a beautiful day!  We couldn’t have asked for better weather for a lacrosse double header in the city, followed by a great visit with friends at a fundraiser. Of course, we couldn’t leave the city without a stop at Sweet Mandy B’s. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stop at the one store that... Read more »

Day 116: The Town Dump

I have serious envy today; my mom is in Arizona. Yes, it’s sunny here, but it’s no 86°. And, she’s visiting one of my favorite small stores…The Town Dump! No lie, this is one of the most unusual stores you’ll ever find. If you have slight hoarding issues because you’re afraid you’ll miss a treasure, plan... Read more »

Day 115: Oswald's Pharmacy

When I was a kid we used to go to Schmid Pharmacy. I think it’s even where I got my cruches when I broke my leg, but I don’t really remember. What I do remember about Schmid’s Pharmacy was their chocolate malt cups complete with a little wooden spoon. I’m pretty sure I got one... Read more »

Day 114: TLC for your four-legged friends

Several years ago when my kids were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2, and my husband was out of town, I had the brilliant idea to adopt a puppy.  I figured life was crazy already, why not throw a puppy in the mix.  The worst part of the first year, though, was vet visits.  Trying to... Read more »

Day 113: The Nook

Ok my crafty readers, today is for you!  Not crafty?  That’s alright, this is still a great place to swing by for a cup of joe or scoop of ice cream.  Or, you could partake in one of their classes and learn a new crafty skill!  Where will all of this happen?  At The Nook.... Read more »

Day 112: Jimmy's Place

Since yesterday was Irish, we’re going Italian today. Too many days without pasta and I feel like I’m going through withdrawal. Calamari, linguini with clam sauce, homemade gnocchi, oh my! So, where are we heading? Jimmy’s Place! Jimmy’s is the epitome of a neighborhood joint. Complete with red-checked tablecloths, it’s the type of place where... Read more »

Day 111: McGonigal's Pub

Today is Sunday and it’s a gorgeous day.  When I was a kid that would have meant one thing, a “Sunday drive.”  Basically my father would pull a bait & switch: starting with a great breakfast out, then we were trapped for the day driving God only knows where.  I’m oh-so-thrilled that my husband enjoys... Read more »