Day 88: Naperville Running Company

It’s sort of ironic that I’m writing about a running company because I don’t run. Maybe I’ll run if I’m being chased…maybe. It’s definitely not my exercise of choice. But, I love the Naperville Running Company for 2 reasons.

1- They are a great spot to buy gifts for runners, especially if they’re already a customer. They carry about 20 different types of “running socks” that seriously all look the same to me, but have different support & purpose for runners. How would I ever know which one my sister would prefer? They’re system keeps track of registered customers previous purchases- makes gift buying a snap- especially if you want more than a gift certificate.

2- The owners are incredibly nice and patient. I’ve watched them expertly fit running shoes, spending a lengthy amount time with customers. For them, the right fit is more important, and will help prevent injury, than simply trying to sell you the most expensive pair of shoes. They even have treadmills in the store for you to test out the shoes.

Even though my active kids aren’t runners, I’m planning on bringing them in for a proper fitting.

Carrying over 100 brands, you’ll easily find something at Naperville Running Company in their recently expanded store.

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