Day 76: O-mazing Ollie's!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of cupcakes. And, though I do like frozen yogurt, they seem to be popping up everywhere, again. Now, ice cream and custard, that’s a dessert that I gladly welcome. One of my absolute favorites is only open late February through October. How does Amaretto Chocolate Chunk, Irish Cream Cake, or Georgia Peach custard sound?

I’m telling you about Ollie’s early because come warm weather, their lines will look like this…
image stretched around the building…on a weeknight!

Technically, Ollie’s is located in Sycamore, but it’s right down the street from the NIU campus. I know what you’re thinking, why would I drive to Dekalb for custard? Because it’s that good!

Don’t worry, if you need another excuse there’s plenty to do in Dekalb for an afternoon. I’ve already mentioned Encore (I suggest trying on jeans before you go to Ollie’s!), and I’ll talk about a few other great shops there soon.

Ollie’s has been around since 1985, and in it’s current location since 1990. Obviously they’re doing something right! Quality ingredients, fabulous flavors, and friendly service- don’t worry about those long lines- it goes fast.
They’ll generally have two flavors plus a flavor of the day (check the calendar for your favorite). Other flavors are available in pints though. Not in the mood for a scoop, that’s ok, shakes, arctic blasts (like a DQ blizzard), fresh waffle cones, and sundaes are available too.

Bring a cooler, Thin Mint Cookie custard will be calling for you the next day, if not before!

How far will you drive for your favorite dessert?

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