Day 60: 5 favorite grocers

Well, it’s month 3 of this 12 month Shop Small challenge. I have to say, I am loving it. Other people’s response to the challenge is entertaining; there’s always some product they ask where I now find it: usually it’s groceries.

Of everything, though, groceries is probably the easiest! I haven’t shopped at Jewel or Dominicks in close to 8 years, so I certainly don’t miss those. But, I’ve only been to Trader Joe’s once this year, and I do miss my twice monthly visits.

But, here are 5 small grocers I’ve found that have everything we need, as well as great new items.

imageLemon Tree Grocer– I just can’t get over their fabulous prices on natural, grass-fed, and organic meats & poultry. And, everything has been delicious. A few specialty items usually end up in my cart- but Lemon Tree is all about butcher & deli departments for me.
Peter Rubi– My weekly stop for fresh fruits & veggies! Remember, tell Peter Rubi’s that you found them through Shop Small and save 10% off of your purchase. (I accidentally deleted Day 48 with the orginal offer- sorry!) image
Brookhaven Market Place– only three family Brookhaven grocery stores exist- they’re my go to for general pantry staples.
Door to Door Organics– love the organic groceries, love that it’s delivered right to my door! Too expensive for me to order more than every 6 weeks or so, but happy that they now carry my favorite Noosa yogurt!
Freedom’s Market– ready for an introduction to Middle Eastern foods? Owner Sam will help you feel comfortable with food that may be new to you. Fabulous falafel- incredible garlic sauce- and 10 pitas for $1!

Throughout these past 60 days I’ve realized how little we truly need. There’s a scene in the movie “We Bought A Zoo” where Matt Damon’s character questions his kids if they really need butter for their corn. He reminds them that it’s 9 miles each way…for butter. That’s how this challenge feels. When it’s not truly convenient, do we really need it.

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