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Day 49: Where the toys are...

Even though I have two kids, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in Toys R Us.  It’s insanely overwhelming: too big, too crowded, and way too many choices. That’s why this toy store is right up my alley. Of course, it also helps that they also carry great... Read more »

Day 47: Who's your Pie Boss?

I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes for today’s stop. Not because I was hesitant to try South African food, more so because I thought I was already familiar with the taste. Generally foods in a pastry (pot pies & beef wellington) creep me out. I don’t particularly like crust and soupy food... Read more »

Day 46: Bonjour! Croissant pour vous?!

Parlez-vous français? Non? That’s okay, these pastries speak for themselves! There are very foods more delicious than a fresh croissant. Buttery…flaky…heavenly! Plain, chocolate, or even filled with ham & cheese, I’m not picky. Of course, the French make pretty amazing desserts too. Eclairs, tartes, macaroons, Madelines…mouth watering yet? Mine too. Fortunately, you can save your... Read more »

Day 45: Hungry? How about a Hungarian market?!

I’ve driven past a particular “specialty market” about a million times, but I had never ventured inside the store.   So, in the spirit of my 365 day challenge, I knew I couldn’t just drive past again.  I was expecting fancy condiments, different bottles of beer, maybe even unique deli items.  I was not expecting... Read more »

Day 44: Feeling "flirty" this Valentine's Day??

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day? 50 Shades of Grey pique your curiosity? Wondering where you can pick up some ahem toys (or costumes or lingerie) without 50 shades of embarrassment? Well, I put on my big girl pants to find a spot you’d feel comfortable going to alone. Sure, going with girlfriends,... Read more »

Day 43: Breakfast, lunch, & dinner all for under $10!

Seriously. How many places can you pick up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all for under $10? Did I mention it’s made from scratch? What’s the catch? They’re only open three days a week, or while supplies last! Where is this culinary delight? The Culinary Market at Wheat Cafe. Never heard of it? You don’t... Read more »

Day 42: Two Brothers morning, noon, and night!

If you’re from the Chicagoland area, you’ve probably heard of Two Brothers Brewing. They are the epitome of a small business, starting to make it big! Owners (and brothers) Jason and Jim are celebrating Two Brothers 16th anniversary, a great milestone for any small business. You may have tried Domaine Dupage, Ebel Weiss (my favorite),... Read more »

Day 41: Small Grocery shopping & a boy's clothes store update

Heading back from the city today, my daughter and I decided to make a quick stop right off the highway in Burr Ridge. I found a great (small) full-serve grocery store, and fantastic deals at the boy’s clothing store, Red 21. Though Peter Rubi’s is currently my favorite produce store, and Lemon Tree grocer is... Read more »

Day 40: A Total Hockey Store

Has the Blackhawks winning streak motivated you to try the game of hockey?  Does your son or daughter want to be the next Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane (or my favorites Sharp & Shaw!)? Follow the Olympic footsteps of Cammy Granto or Jimmy Craig? Then you need Total Hockey. Ok, they sort of fall in the... Read more »

Day 39: Pick Up Your Next Great Read

Do you prefer the company of books over the company of most people? Yeah, me too. If you’re looking for your next best read, or the latest New York Times Bestseller, check the book store. No, really, that’s the name The Book Store. Like many of their books, the store has some history. They’ve been... Read more »