Day 55: Bowling fun!

Here’s another great reason for supporting small businesses- fundraisers! Tonight was my son’s baseball team’s annual fundraiser & we had a blast at the Tivoli Bowl.

12 lanes tucked underground; the perfect size to rent out the entire place! Bowling, billiards, tvs, video games- certainly plenty to keep everyone happy.

Even though Tivoli Bowl is small, it still has all of the “high-tech” amenities you’re used to: automatic bumpers, tv scoring, and a full bar! And, it’s a cozy space for an afternoon of bowling, a birthday party, or your next fundraiser.

Located under the Tivoli movie theatre which, rumor has it, still has a working pipe organ. Haven’t checked that one out yet, though.

Bowl a few games & have a snack at the alley or head down to Angelo’s for a slice of pizza when you’re done.

Any bowling alleys where you still have to score yourself? Or is that useless knowledge I’ve retained?

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