Day 41: Small Grocery shopping & a boy's clothes store update

Heading back from the city today, my daughter and I decided to make a quick stop right off the highway in Burr Ridge. I found a great (small) full-serve grocery store, and fantastic deals at the boy’s clothing store, Red 21.

Though Peter Rubi’s is currently my favorite produce store, and Lemon Tree grocer is great for deli and meats, I didn’t want to drive to multiple stores in the rain. So, I found a new place…well, new to me…Brookhaven Marketplace.
35 years ago, two cousins (immigrants from Greece) decided to open markets in Chicago. One focused solely on fresh produce, the other’s interest was deli/smoked meats, cheese, and fresh breads. Both businesses did remarkably well & they had no interest in combining their markets. But their sons did. And, in 2004 they opened Brookhaven Marketplace in the Brookhaven shopping center in Darien.

A full-fledged grocery store maintaining the family’s committment to fresh produce, affordable prices, and hard to find tastes from home was an immediate success. Two more stores followed in 2007 & 2009.

Although Brookhaven is the largest grocery store I’ve been in this year, it still had a small market feel. While there were definitely “name brand” products, there were plenty of items on the shelves that gave it a European feel. Prices were affordable, store was clean, and I would definitely go back. Granted I wouldn’t drive 20 miles just to get there, but I think their original market may be a closer option.

A quick update on Red 21– the coolest boy’s clothing store. While making room for spring/summer merchandise all remaining stock is 75% off! Sizes 8-10 are pretty much gone. But sizes 3T-7 and 12-18 still have quite a bit left. Stop by soon, stock will go quick.

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