Day 40: A Total Hockey Store

Has the Blackhawks winning streak motivated you to try the game of hockey?  Does your son or daughter want to be the next Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane (or my favorites Sharp & Shaw!)? Follow the Olympic footsteps of Cammy Granto or Jimmy Craig? Then you need Total Hockey.
Ok, they sort of fall in the medium-size store, not completely small, but it is one owner for all of them. They are only located in a couple of states, and there are only 5 stores in Illinois. But they are the go-to for hockey equipment.

Hockey is, no doubt, a rough sport. You (and your kids) need to be protected well. What I love about Total Hockey is that the employees play the game. They’re familiar with the different brands: the differences in fit, protection, and price.

And while hockey equipment can be very expensive (saw a $600 helmet there today!), they do offer a great selection in all price categories.

I took my son to Total Hockey today to exchange shoulder pads that didn’t fit quite right. I told the girl helping us that I wanted to stay in the same price range as the ones I was returning. She showed us comparable pair, but then I inquired about another set that looked a little more protective. Before helping him try them on, she mentioned they were $15 more, would I still be interested in seeing them. Great customer service in my opinion. They did fit better & she showed him how to adjust them as he grew.

Total Hockey also has a website where you can find amazing clearance prices, usually last years models. When we were looking for my son’s first helmet, I found a great deal on their site ($300 helmet for $59!), but we didn’t know anything about brand/fit. Since there were no returns for online clearance items, I asked if they could match the price in the store. They weren’t able to since the color he wanted wasn’t in stock, but they spent easily twenty minutes fitting my son into different helmets so we could buy the correct one online.

If you’re new to the world of hockey, or a long time player. Check out Total Hockey for great service, excellent employee knowledge, and confidence that your child will be safe(r) on the ice.

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