Day 39: Pick Up Your Next Great Read

Do you prefer the company of books over the company of most people? Yeah, me too. If you’re looking for your next best read, or the latest New York Times Bestseller, check the book store.

No, really, that’s the name The Book Store.
Like many of their books, the store has some history. They’ve been in the same location since 1960 and the building itself dates back to 1892. The original owners were a married couple: she an author, he an avid reader. While it has changed ownership a few times, the current owner, Jane Stroh, maintains its small-town charm.

Jane wasn’t there the day I was in, but her employee, Jenny, was fantastic. Obviously well-read, she had suggestions for every category I was interested. It would be quite easy to pass an hour or two discussing books with the incredibly friendly staff.

Beyond browsing, I was searching for two items. They didn’t have the 7th & 8th book of the series my daughter is reading, but she gladly ordered them for me. A book for my son was a little more challenging. He is an avid reader, but reads beyond his age, which is great, but makes it difficult to find “age-appropriate” themes. I love that he has favorite authors, and he really likes sports (fiction & non) books. I thought we’d basically exhausted the options, but Jenny lead me to several books I had never heard of, nor had been suggested at other stores. Thanks Jenny, he is really enjoying Guys Read: The Sports Pages!

Want to buy a gift for someone? I have no doubt that you could give Jenny a few characteristics of the recipient and she would find a book that is spot-on perfect. Since I was only shopping for the kids yesterday, I’ll have to put her to the test for me next time!

The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a comfy chair. I love to surround myself with an armful of books while I make my purchasing decision.

The Bookstore offers plenty of special events for kids and adults, so checkĀ out their calendar.

Currently on my nightstand: This is How you Lose Her, The Heavy, Why Have Kids, Too Bright to Hear too Loud to See, The Happiness Project, and Buy Shoes on Wednesday and Tweet at 4:00 (it helps to read them all in different rooms to keep the plots straight!).

What book(s) are you reading?

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