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Ending DACA is unspeakably cruel, even for Trump

The never-ending turmoil of the Trump presidency reached a new low this past weekend when reports spread that the president has decided to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Founded during the Obama presidency, the act sought to give those who immigrated to the United States as a minor protection from deportation. It has... Read more »

Trump will remain loyal to his base regardless of who they are

Make no mistake, the president’s refusal to condemn the neo-Nazis and white supremacists that violently protested in Charlottesville this weekend is an endorsement of those beliefs and actions. The man in the White House is someone that emboldened hundreds to take to the streets with torches, Nazi paraphernalia and weaponry. And scattered throughout the crowd... Read more »

No, Trump, affirmative action does not hurt white people

Despite multiple Supreme Court rulings in favor of affirmative action at colleges and universities, the Trump administration has apparently decided to investigate policies that they believe may discriminate against white applicants. As usual, this administration gets it wrong. They’ve made worse mistakes, but this one still can’t be ignored. Of course, affirmative action programs have... Read more »

Trump administration quietly attempts to suppress voting rights

President Donald Trump has been spreading his vastly unproven belief that voter fraud greatly affected the 2016 election since day one. Though he won the presidency, number 45 has remained adamant that the reason he lost the popular vote because of these illegal votes. He vowed to do something to stop it from happening again,... Read more »

Journalists must stand up to White House press briefing rules

Enough is enough. The Trump administration’s foolish vendetta against the media is vindictive and must end now. For the past few weeks, the White House has refused to allow press members to video tape the daily briefing from Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Though Spicer’s tenure thus far has been an utter disaster, the press must... Read more »

The Trump administration brings constant worry and dread

Even waking up feels different now. Before, my day began with little concern as to what the president would say or do next. My youth was spoiled with the charming elegance of former President Barack Obama. His leadership and grace exemplify precisely what we’ve lost. Though his pitfalls were numerous, I did not worry about... Read more »