Ending DACA is unspeakably cruel, even for Trump

The never-ending turmoil of the Trump presidency reached a new low this past weekend when reports spread that the president has decided to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Founded during the Obama presidency, the act sought to give those who immigrated to the United States as a minor protection from deportation. It has helped thousands of young people settle into life in the U.S. These ‘Dreamers’ have been able to attend college, seek employment and so much more. The results of DACA are clearly positive making the president’s decision to end the program even more vile. Of course, it’s not at all surprising given his track record. But the targeting of children and young people in general is especially despicable.

By turning his back on Dreamers, the president has proven once more that he is certifiably un-American. Whether it’s defending Nazis or banning entire groups from entering the country based on religion, this man’s actions show he does not care for American ideals. He’s dead set on remaking our country in his image that only serves himself and his own morbid beliefs. He’s not making America great again for anyone but the segment of the population that can be rightfully labeled as deplorable.

Dreamers and immigrants are our friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates and more. Their life stories are particularly inspiring and uplifting. Many risked everything to have to come to the United States­- a once prime destination for those who sought better lives. Though we have never treated our nation’s immigrants with all the respect they deserve, the United States of America has always been known for hope and opportunity. But now, those on the outside looking in are laughing at the monster of a man voted to be the president.

But here’s the thing. Trump can end DACA. He can ban an entire religion from entry. He can even defend Nazis. But he will never represent a true American. He can never ban the love shown by millions of Americans speaking out against is many disgusting actions. His 39 percent approval rating speaks for itself. The thousands marching in cities across the country to protest him have shown more leadership than the president could ever even dream of having. His actions will destroy many lives but we still must never give up in the fight against him. The voices of the millions that despise the president are so much louder than his feeble, debilitated mind. His narcissism has led us down an incredibly dark path that will take decades to recover from. But the hatred in his heart will never be okay with anyone that has even a sliver of decency in their heart. The president can pass spiteful executive orders to serve his own agenda, but he will never be able to ban love, diversity and acceptance from the hearts of the majority in the U.S. As always, love trumps hate. We just need to keeping fighting to ensure that such a statement remains true.

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