Trump will remain loyal to his base regardless of who they are

Make no mistake, the president’s refusal to condemn the neo-Nazis and white supremacists that violently protested in Charlottesville this weekend is an endorsement of those beliefs and actions. The man in the White House is someone that emboldened hundreds to take to the streets with torches, Nazi paraphernalia and weaponry. And scattered throughout the crowd were many Make America Great Again hats even further linking the man in the White House to this incredibly vile display of hatred and racism.

But surely it was economic anxiety that urged these individuals to vote for Donald Trump, right?


A bad economy does not force someone to chant “The Jews will not replace us” or “White lives matter.” No one goes out to acquire a Nazi flag because they’ve been having trouble finding a job. The decision to take to the streets with torches and Confederate flags is not at all linked to economic woes. Someone that’s having a rough time financially does not plow a car into a large crowd of social justice activists.

These actions were caused by decades of racism to lead hordes of white people to believe that they are superior to people of color. No one is born with racist beliefs, but our society does little to prevent someone from becoming racist. If you’re surprised that neo-Nazis and white supremacists still exist in 2017, you must not have been paying attention. They have always been there. But many underestimated the precise number of these people that in turn handed the presidency off to the world’s worst man.

While Donald Trump did not create racism, his candidacy gave racists a platform to speak their mind. The leader of the birther movement during Barack Obama’s presidency gained his base by pushing the decidedly false and certifiably insane conspiracy theory that the former president was not born in the United States. This caught the attention of the people that hated Obama the most and gave Trump his following. He continued to casually spout overt and subtle racism throughout the Obama years. It’s no surprise that he called immigrants criminals and rapists in his initial campaign speech. He knew exactly what to say to ignite the people that would drive him into power.

And now, there is absolutely no excuse for supporting the vilest person to ever assume power in the United States of America. His lack of remorse for the incident in Charlottesville proves he is more than fine with accepting neo-Nazis as long as they support his campaign. This man is so desperate to be liked that he’s willing to say anything to keep the support of the deplorable people that marched in Charlottesville this past weekend.

To further prove that he’s an absolute embarrassment to America, Trump momentarily lapsed from his refusal to condemn the protest only to later reverse everything the next day.

On Monday, the president read carefully off of a teleprompter to denounce the perpetrators as white supremacists. But Tuesday’s off the rails Q&A showed the truth about Donald Trump. He claimed that there was fault on both sides of the weekend’s domestic terrorist incident. But when one side is the Nazis and the other is a group protesting the Nazis, it’s clear what side any good person should be on.

We all knew that the Trump presidency would be a disaster. But even the most negative predictions did not do what’s actually happened since this man took office justice. Paul Ryan and other members of the GOP can condemn racism and tweet that they’re against white supremacy, but their words will fall flat until real action is taken. Anyone that’s in power that does not do whatever they can to impeach Donald Trump as soon as possible is complicit in the worst presidency in the history of the United States.

Between threatening nuclear war and the events that unfolded this weekend, it is now absolutely clear that the president must be impeached before it’s too late. The time to start this process was months ago, but the world is getting more and more terrifying each minute that the man stays in power. The future of the United States depends on this and it must be done swiftly before he does any more damage than he’s already done.

To donate to the family of Heather Heyer, the victim of the domestic terrorist incident in Charlottesville, please click here.

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