Your move, GOP

Ever since Donald Trump Jr.’s emails became public, top officials in the GOP have been mostly silent. This possible act of treason seems to have them clamoring up whenever a reporter asks simple questions regarding these latest developments.

Of course, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan proved once again that he’s the biggest coward in Washington by saying he “wouldn’t go into hypotheticals” when asked if he would ever meet with an official from an opposing foreign government for campaign strategy advice.

Though Speaker Ryan remained adamant that the investigation into Russia’s meddling merits the ongoing investigation, his emotionless response to something so serious proves he favors party over country yet again.

No one is surprised by the evidence of this collusion. In fact, this very moment is what many have been waiting for since last year. But the fact that proof is finally here doesn’t seem to be enough for the Republican Party because they desire control over our country and will do anything to keep it. It doesn’t matter that they’re standing idly by while democratic norms are being destroyed left and right, as long as they can continue to gut the Affordable Care Act and take away healthcare from millions. They’ve finally regained control and do not care to know the truth about the Russia’s troublesome desire for a Trump presidency.

Paul Ryan and his colleagues have a ticking time bomb on their hands. The idea that the future of our democracy quite literally lies in the palm of their hands is mightily frightening. But these elected officials would be wise to reconsider the plans to look the other way on what’s becoming one of the largest political scandals of all time. As the anger towards our current political climate grows, each official that continues to stand by the president and his actions risks the chance of angering their constituents. The man with the 40 percent approval rating will only hurt an incumbent’s chances of getting reelected. If the GOP has any sense of morality, they’ll block any legislation pushed by this administration until the investigation is completed. If they truly care about their voters, they’ll listen to the many concerns across the country about healthcare. They won’t continue to support the man that may have indeed committed treason. And if he is proven by the special counsel to have done so, they will swallow their pride to punish him and vote him out of office. This would be the ideal reaction to a completely unideal situation. Yet, they seem to be reacting to our current insanity without any thought or sense of love for the country they’ve been elected to serve.

Speaker Ryan is just one example of the many top GOP officials that will face significant backlash in their home state. Randy Bryce has gotten a significant amount of attention for already announcing his bid to challenge the Speaker in Wisconsin’s first district. His compelling campaign ad spoke to the heart of each and every American. Bryce has a special opportunity to unseat Paul Ryan which would truly be a devastating blow to the administration in 2018. Ryan has the power and capital to make sure his job is secure, but if he continues down the path of protecting the president at all costs then he may actually lose.

Time is running out for Republicans to back away from this presidency. Though the damage is already done, they can finally take a stand here now that collusion has been proven. But, this seems quite unlikely. They’re working tirelessly to create a bill to repeal the ACA and keeping voters in the dark yet again. And they will continue to do so despite the valiant efforts from every day citizens to protest the bill’s existence. Their desire for power seems to have corrupted any sense of right and wrong they may have had. It’s now up to us to make sure their actions during this trying time in our country are continually noted. And come the midterm elections, our frustrations with their actions must be heard.





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