The Trump administration brings constant worry and dread

Even waking up feels different now.

Before, my day began with little concern as to what the president would say or do next. My youth was spoiled with the charming elegance of former President Barack Obama. His leadership and grace exemplify precisely what we’ve lost. Though his pitfalls were numerous, I did not worry about our impending doom. Politics, though of great interest to me, did not make me feel physically ill under his administration. Oftentimes, I could check my phone freely without having to worry about seeing devastating news.

Things have certainly changed.

The constant dread is real, but it will only last as long as we let it. Despair won’t win the next election, nor will it defeat the disturbing message the Trump administration has sent. If defeated, the death of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will be because of the fight wagered against it. While Republicans remain gleeful about their chances at taking away healthcare from poor people, the resistance against their malfeasance has been stronger than ever. We must not forget the joy on their faces in the Rose Garden as they celebrated the measure guaranteed to destroy millions of lives.

In addition to the AHCA, the president’s travel ban has been particularly troubling. Though he says he’s protecting the country, it’s important to realize the consequences behind his words. His plan is inherently discriminatory and only provides more fuel for more ignorance against Muslims. In Trump’s America, people think their ignorance is correct because he is a proponent of it himself. His words breed more hatred and do not represent American values and ideals. The fact that he represents us on the global stage is appalling and frankly embarrassing. The United States under his leadership is being rightfully laughed at. Time will tell if we can ever regain the respect and trust President Obama brought upon.

We’ve also been forced to suffer through his disturbing tweets in the early morning and late night. “Covfefe” may have been a funny meme, but the constant way in which he demeans his political opponents and the media are anything but humorous. He is using his Twitter account to spread his misinformed message. He may believe the things he is spewing out to be true, but the manner in which he does so is decidedly infantile. The President of the United States still regularly throws temper tantrums on the Internet about the results of the 2016 election. He seems completely unable to handle any slight push back from the media and is excruciatingly defensive about his conduct.

Unfortunately, the calm days of the Obama administration are long gone and we now must learn to live with this. As each day passes, worry grows over what we’ve lost since the dark day of January 20, 2017. But the consequences of giving up now are far too dangerous. The fight continues on against this administration. And while it won’t get easier, we must not give up.




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