Tag: Politics

The litmus test for elected officials

Election coverage today is taking up more and more of our time, and saturating the landscape of political media. When it is not about Trump it is about the election. What is happening, though, is that we are being talked at about it. That is because we are relatively passive about the process, and that has... Read more »

Thoughts on MLK day

I’m gonna share a few thoughts on MLK day because we honor that man but I don’t really think we understand why we should. The reason there should be a holiday isn’t because he’s a black figure who made the most headway towards a better world. And the debates that flare up (Malcolm or Martin?)... Read more »

On the decision to crack down on marijuana

This kind of decision only comes from one place. When you need an enemy you have to create one, and if you can convince people that there is one they may gather back around you no matter how reprehensible you are. Marijuana is making the states that have legalized it rich. If you can legalize... Read more »