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The litmus test for elected officials

Election coverage today is taking up more and more of our time, and saturating the landscape of political media. When it is not about Trump it is about the election. What is happening, though, is that we are being talked at about it. That is because we are relatively passive about the process, and that has... Read more »

The Indians are ditching their logo, should the Blackhawks do the same?

Our brave leader shared another blog topic for us to take up, the abandoning of the caricaturized Indians logo planned by the Cleveland ball club for next year, and he posed us a question: should the Chicago Blackhawks do the same? I don’t think so, the difference being that the Indians logo is an insulting... Read more »

Pit bulls, to adopt or not to adopt? A response to an upcoming Super Bowl ad

There is a new, apparently upcoming Super Bowl commercial that warns us not to adopt pit bulls, and gives some alarming statistics about the number and percentage of maulings and deaths that are the result of their existence. Our dear ChicagoNow leader and editor put this forward as a topic to write about and I... Read more »