The Indians are ditching their logo, should the Blackhawks do the same?

Our brave leader shared another blog topic for us to take up, the abandoning of the caricaturized Indians logo planned by the Cleveland ball club for next year, and he posed us a question: should the Chicago Blackhawks do the same?

I don’t think so, the difference being that the Indians logo is an insulting caricature, and the Blackhawks logo is a respectful depiction without any of the reduction of Native Americans to “silly idiots” that the Cleveland logo can be blamed for. The Chicago logo is actually an homage, in a way, to the visage of the proud Indian, and shows them at their best, and respects their legacy as original and, unfortunately, genocided people on this continent. I see nothing in it that needs to be erased, it does not minimize their value or diminish their validity as humans in any way, and so there is a difference, I think we should accept that difference and be more willing to see the nuance in things and be less ready to take offense in general, IF there is nothing to be offended about, and while I’ve heard many complaints about the Indians logo over the years, and think they’re valid, I’ve rarely heard any complaints about the Chicago logo, and if and when I have I don’t remember thinking they had any weight of reason behind them. Add to that the fact that while the Indians are called the Indians, already a reductive name for the team before you bring an insulting logo into it, the Blackhawks are named, respectfully, for a specific tribe, not some stupid error Christopher Columbus made that we have somehow carried forward without caring much whatsoever. So I say keep the Blackhawks logo, ditch the Indians one, and while we’re at it ditch the name Indians for the team, though when it really comes down to it our policies in dealing with the tribes, which are sometimes very exploitative even now, and were in the past downright brutal and murderous, will always be more important than how we choose to name and depict a team. We’d do much better to devote the bulk of our attention there, but we never will, because we’re Americans, and we care about sports

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