On the decision to crack down on marijuana

This kind of decision only comes from one place. When you need an enemy you have to create one, and if you can convince people that there is one they may gather back around you no matter how reprehensible you are. Marijuana is making the states that have legalized it rich. If you can legalize it and tax it it will pay for roads and schools and anything else you need. Sessions and, we assume, Trump (though this idiot is so fickle he might come forward tomorrow saying he had no idea Sessions was doing that) are trying to create an enemy to rally the public for a fight against. If you scare people enough they’ll turn to you to protect them against whatever it is they think is scary. In the 80s the war on drugs was fueled by the idea that there were “supercriminals” lurking about ready to take your head off. The Clintons famously participated in this idea, and that makes perfect sense because they wanted power and this was a good way to get it. They treat us like children and the problem is we let them. We don’t think for ourselves and call bullshit on these ridiculous, trumped up, but inanely transparent presentations of an “enemy”. George W. Bush did it with Iraq, and we let him. The entire motherfuckin Cold War could be seen as one long excuse to control us and have us fall in line behind leadership, in opposition to an enemy, and by extension Vietnam. When will we begin to think for ourselves? Obviously, not everyone will fall in line behind Sessions against this enemy. It is more likely to divide the country in half, which is nothing new, but if you think there aren’t parts of this population who will line up behind Sessions as if he were waging a righteous war against injustice and depravity, you don’t know America. In fact, some of the people who will line up behind him on this are people who may have been deeply disappointed with the Trump administration until now, Christian people who have been waiting for some kind of serious approach to fighting for Christian values from the next Republican administration, and haven’t gotten anything to sink their teeth into until now. Here ya go! The rallying fight. We knew it would happen sooner or later, and there may still be a war. That’s always a good way for a shithead commander in chief to get the public to forget, for a while, how shitty he/she is and focus on a common enemy. But for now they’re rallying a certain segment of the public and ensuring that they will vote for them again in a couple years. I’d say it’s genius, but it’s the oldest trick in the book.

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