The litmus test for elected officials

Election coverage today is taking up more and more of our time, and saturating the landscape of political media. When it is not about Trump it is about the election. What is happening, though, is that we are being talked at about it. That is because we are relatively passive about the process, and that has... Read more »

Thoughts on monogamy

One of the problems with monogamy is that it encourages us to treat a partner as something other than a friend. You don’t, after all, feel anger towards a friend if they have positive experiences with other people. There’s some sort of idea of ownership and a feeling that we should be all our partner... Read more »

Cold Weather, Colder Hearts

I was watching the film that puts the words of James Baldwin into a cinematic experience, I Am Not Your Negro and I was struck by pretty much the same thing he was struck by: the fact that it is not a specific problem that Americans are guilty of when it comes to race, and for... Read more »

Thoughts on MLK day

I’m gonna share a few thoughts on MLK day because we honor that man but I don’t really think we understand why we should. The reason there should be a holiday isn’t because he’s a black figure who made the most headway towards a better world. And the debates that flare up (Malcolm or Martin?)... Read more »

Thoughts On The Coming New Year

The first thought is that we may make too much of the changing year, it’s just more time passing. If you live well all year you don’t have to worry as much about living better when the next one comes around. But I think the argument can be made we don’t all live well. One... Read more »

Prince terrorizes the Super Bowl with dopeness, 2007

This is going to be a short post, it’s all about getting you this video, my favorite Super Bowl memory was the Prince halftime show, he absolutely murdered with a set that culminated in a version of Purple Rain, to a crowd holding up candles and lighters or whatever, and being drizzled on because it... Read more »

The Indians are ditching their logo, should the Blackhawks do the same?

Our brave leader shared another blog topic for us to take up, the abandoning of the caricaturized Indians logo planned by the Cleveland ball club for next year, and he posed us a question: should the Chicago Blackhawks do the same? I don’t think so, the difference being that the Indians logo is an insulting... Read more »

Pit bulls, to adopt or not to adopt? A response to an upcoming Super Bowl ad

There is a new, apparently upcoming Super Bowl commercial that warns us not to adopt pit bulls, and gives some alarming statistics about the number and percentage of maulings and deaths that are the result of their existence. Our dear ChicagoNow leader and editor put this forward as a topic to write about and I... Read more »

The wonderful Cate Le Bon

So when I started this blog I was doing some pretty extreme thinking, reaching out for attention in ways that were probably unhealthy. The question now that I’m pretty much clear of that is will I continue? I don’t see any reason why not, it’s still possible to communicate things even when that communication isn’t... Read more »

Stream of consciousness, 1/7/18, 7:30am

Up in the morning and time for another blog post. What will I write about this time? I’m not sure yet, I’ll start writing and see what comes up. Maybe I’ll surprise myself, maybe I’ll SURPRISE THE WORLD, haha. Not sure if you’ll care but I got over a cold the last few days, and... Read more »