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The Fascinating World of Mukbang

Recently, I’ve been watching more Youtube than actual television due to a boatload of child hood shows being uploaded by brave Youtubers.  While watching some of my favorite television shows, I ended up stumbling onto a youtube video of someone doing a Mukbang.  It was a 30 minute video, and I found the whole experience... Read more »

Two years of abstinence, what I've learned

It seems like yesterday, but today marks two years since I decided to start practicing abstinence.  It wasn’t due to any cultural, spiritual, nor religious reasons whatsoever.  I opted to do this due to the simple fact that I don’t very much enjoy sex.  I’ve never enjoyed the act of sex, and I tried sex... Read more »

Life as a centrist, often misunderstood by both sides

To start, I guess I should confess I’m neither a conservative nor a liberal.  I identify as neither a Republican nor a Democrat in terms of a political party.  I guess you could say I’m an independent, which doesn’t get me invited to sit at either the GOP or Dem lunch tables. When cable news became popular,... Read more »

Chicago I love you, but you need help

Centrist in Chicago   For as long as I can remember, I’ve always be in awe of the majestic city of Chicago.  As a small boy growing up in the repressive suburbs, I used to look at Chicago as the Emerald City at the end of the yellow brick road.  I always believed it was... Read more »

Dieting is something I will no longer do

Dieting is something I will no longer do
Throughout  my whole life, I’ve had a constant stalker that some would term a level five static clinger.  No matter where I go, what I do, or how I view myself, this pesky little devil refuses to release their grip on me.  Sometimes, they even leave their mark on me in the form of those... Read more »

Suicide can happen to anyone :(

Suicide can happen to anyone  :(
Suicide is defined as the intentional causing of one’s own death.  The scariest thing is that one can never know when someone close to them will commit, or attempt, suicide.  It isn’t something only men do (they tend to be more successful per studies by WHO), it isn’t something only people in financial straits do... Read more »

What I've learned about dating after twenty years of watching Sex and the City

Twenty years ago on June 6th 1998, a show by the name of Sex and the City officially made it’s debut on HBO and the world was truly never the same again.  While the concept wasn’t anything original, the Golden Girls and Designing Women had done the concept to great effect years earlier, the way... Read more »

I'm happy Donald Trump didn't acknowledge Pride Month

   June 1st was the official start to Pride Month, a month that commemorates the Stonewall riots that occurred in the end of June in 1969.  Vast amounts of pride events are held throughout the country celebrating the start of the movement for equality for LGBTQ community.  While the events are enjoyable and full of eye... Read more »

Roseanne, actions have consequences.

   The day after Memorial Day, and Roseanne Barr decides to welcome us to the start of a new work week by tweeting something so racist I don’t want to link it.  While she has the right to tweet and express anything she wants to (the first amendment gives this to her), she also has to... Read more »

Confessions of a Recluse

  In an attempt to be open, I confess I’m a recluse.  It isn’t because I’m afraid to talk to people, or unsure of how to navigate the waters of society.  It’s for the simple fact I enjoy my own company and use my alone time to recharge my batteries.  Some people can recharge their batteries... Read more »