The Fascinating World of Mukbang

Recently, I’ve been watching more Youtube than actual television due to a boatload of child hood shows being uploaded by brave Youtubers.  While watching some of my favorite television shows, I ended up stumbling onto a youtube video of someone doing a Mukbang.  It was a 30 minute video, and I found the whole experience to be fascinating watching someone chatting to viewers while consuming large amounts of food on camera.

While researching the concept of a Mukbang, it started in South Korea and thanks to Youtube, has become a worldwide trend within the world of Youtube.  Not only do Mukbangs exist, there are also reaction videos people post where someone is watching this while providing their own commentary.  There have been a few Copyright issues going on within the Youtube community, but if the video is being viewed as a reaction or done in a spoof format, than you’re protected from being sued.

With that said, I attempted to try a Mukbang because I do love to talk and eat 🙂  I’m not a fast food person (which is the food of choice for a lot of American youtube posts), so I tried to consume chicken nugget sandwiches 🙂  See below… 🙂

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