What's next for Madonna at 60?

madonnaToday is officially Madonna’s 60th birthday and the start of a whole new decade for the multi platinum pop diva that has broken down barriers, shocked the masses, and managed to stay on top consistently for over twenty years (no easy feat for anyone).  Back in January 1984, a fresh faced Madonna was asked on American Bandstand what her goals were in the future and her answer was to rule the world.

Whether you like or dislike her, you do have to admit that she has ruled the world at various times over the years so as she hits 60 years old, the one question I’d love to ask her is ‘Now that you’ve conquered the world, what is next?”  I’d love to hear if her next goal will involve music, directing, adopting more kids, continuing to provide education/hospitals/services for Malawi, or all of the above.

I know that she is hard at work on her 14th album and I’ll be curious to see what the result will be since her last few releases since Confessions on a Dance Floor have been a mixed bag both commercially and critically… at least in the United States.   I’m intrigued with her latest interview where she remarked that all music sounds a like and that something has to give.  After her last three CD’s followed the current trends instead of forging new ground, this gives me hope that the Madonna of yesteryear might make a comeback again.  If I had a wish list, I’d love for Madonna to do a stripped down affair since hearing some of her dance songs (like Borderline) in an acoustic setting has given the song new life.. but I don’t know if I’ll get my wish (hence, why it is called a wish list).

So as the Queen starts a new decade of her life, I’ll be awaiting the next stage of her music career and will both love and critique it because a true fan is always objective and wanting the very best from their very artists.

At the same time, even if her 14th album doesn’t soar to new heights, she sounds excited and passionate about this new project and sometimes that is even better than critical and commercial success.  So Happy Birthday Madonna.. hope you enjoy your day and that you continue to move forward in all aspects of your life!

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