National Book Lovers Day and what I've been reading this summer

National Book Lovers Day and what I've been reading this summer

Today is National Book Lovers Day, a day where all lovers of books (and I assume e-readers, as well) proclaim and celebrate their love of all things books.  Rather it’s the smell of a brand new book, the feeling of pages on your finger tips, or the slow descent into the adventures of fictional characters, it is a day to celebrate and proclaim your love for a fun past-time!  Not only does reading keep your mind active, it also has been shown to help develop empathy in all human beings.. which is what we need now more than ever.

Before I knew how to read, I had books piling up on my book shelves.  Once I was able to read, I devoured them.

Below are a list of books I’ve been reading this summer.


1: Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson

An oldie, but goody… I remember seeing the movie version as a kid before I read the book.  The central theme, to me, is a question of whether conformity benefits everyone or not.  We meet two young girls who end up being raised by their eccentric aunt after the girls lose their father, mother, and grandmother.  At first things run smoothly until one of the two girls starts to yearn to be like everyone else and starts a battle of wills with her aunt.  Conformity vs non-conformity where both have their good points, but also their bad points.  It’s a quick and satisfying read that leaves one to continue thinking long after the book has been finished.

2: The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

A fairly new book where our lead character is a debt ridden faux psychic that receives a letter reporting that her grandmother has recently passed away.  This confuses our lead character for she has been led to believe by her late mother that her grandmother passed away twenty years ago.  Deciding that this is the answer to her money problems, she quickly makes her way to the grand estate where she meets relatives she’s never heard of, while realizing that nothing is given without a price.  A family/mystery hybrid that’s a good read.

3: The Stories of Ray Bradbury by Ray Bradbury

I love short stories as much as novels and one of my favorite short story authors growing up was Ray Bradbury.. the late author of Fahrenheit 451.  Not only did he write countless stories and novels, he also adapted some of his short stories into an Anthology show called ‘Ray Bradbury Theater’.  It’s interesting reading the original source material and getting more inside the head of the characters.  This is a must buy for those that were a fan of the original anthology show.

4: An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

An Oprah Book club selection for 2018 and a selection by  Sunny Hostin on the Views ‘Ladies who get Lit’, it’s a fascinating look at a marriage that is thrown off track by a wrongful conviction for a crime that the groom did not commit.  It’s arranged in three distinct parts ( marriage/prison, the preparation of the husband and wife coming face to face, and finally the face off between husband and wife) and after I was done reading this.. it made me sit and think about my own view on marriage.  It’s well written, easy to follow, and evokes several different emotions within you as you read.

5: The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Released earlier this year, I like to refer to this book as a pretzel book since there are twist upon twist in this novel.  Some of the twists I guessed, some I didn’t see coming.. and it reminded me of a cross between Girl on the Train and Sleeping with the Enemy.  It’s a story of a woman struggling to put her life back together after her husband of several years leaves her for a younger woman.  What you think is happening may or may not be happening.  I recommend it as a good beach read.. and even a possible drinking game for all the twists thrown at you.


So these are some books I read this past summer.  I hope those that love books will take time out to read a little and those that don’t, just tip your toe back into the reading pond.  Happy reading!!

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