Lickity Split in Edgewater is heaven on earth all year round

Lickity Split in Edgewater is heaven on earth all year round

Summer officially is here after a lot of false alarms and what better way to celebrate then to have something sweet like ice cream/custard 🙂 One of the best things about living in Chicago is the vast choices of establishments that offer something unique.

So when NBC Chicago released their list of 20 Ice Cream Shops in Chicago, I was saddened to see that Lickity Split was not included in the list.  At first, I figured it was because they sold custard.. but I noticed that custard establishments were included on the list.  I figured in a city as large as Chicago, there were places left off the list until I noticed that Dairy Queen was included on the list.  How insulting to be left off the list for a chain establishment that you could go to no matter where you live.

Lickity Split has a large assortment of different flavors and selections.  If custard isn’t what you seek, they have lots of other yummy options like baked goods, candies, sodas, etc.  When you set foot inside the establishment, you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to old school ice creams shops that one sees in history books.  It has a timeless charm, and requires numerous visits to take in all of the charm.  Every time I’ve ventured into the establishment, I notice something new that I never noticed before.

Perhaps the person selecting 20 ice cream shops in Chicago isn’t aware of its existence, but to those living in the Edgewater/Uptown/Rogers park area… it’s well known and much loved!  I walk about a mile there in order to bask in the heavenly taste of their selections (Peanut butter blowout is my go to).  To me, I’d walk or bikes miles just to enjoy it and I never do that 🙂

It’s my go-to place all year round, especially in the summertime… and unlike Dairy Queen, this is just in Chicago 🙂


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