6 Christmas songs to get you in the spirit.

treeIn two days, it will be Christmas and I can hardly believe that 2017 is coming to an end in 8 days.  So to get myself into the spirit of the holiday, as well as the two plus months of winter, I’ve compiled six songs that speak to me.  As everyone knows, lots of holiday/winter songs have been covered quite a bit so some of my selections will be the artist cover that spoke to me most.   So here goes…

Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

I just love this song… not only because it’s from the 80s, but there is a story within the song.  The main character is dreading the holiday because there are loose ends in their life and tells a story of trying to meet a special someone all year without any success due to circumstances beyond both of their controls.  As the song ends, the main character goes to get some items at the grocery store and runs into the special someone, who also was looking to get some items (cranberry sauce, in particular).  Moral is when you give up control, fate will step in and lend you a helping hand.  Catchy beat, fun voice, and an unorthodox song 🙂

Winter Wonderland Eurythmics 

Beautiful and haunting version of this winter classic.  It’s a song that can be played all winter, not just during the holiday season.  Most versions of this classic have a happier, cheerful vibe and those are nice versions… but this version is melancholy and haunting.  I love the 80s synth backdrop and the icy smooth vocals of the lead singer that gives some emotional depth to lyrics that appear to be fun and innocent on the surface, yet underneath the surface is an emotional intensity ready to explode.

All I want for Christmas- Mariah Carey

Any modern day holiday list that doesn’t include this modern day classic isn’t a real list (at least to me).  It’s fun, festive, catchy, and stays in your head no matter what 🙂

Tennessee Christmas – Amy Grant

A little bit Christmas, a little bit country, and a whole lot of happiness when I listen to this 80s holiday classic.  I recall as a small child, my mom would put the vinyl of this Christmas album on, and I would start to smile the moment this song came on.  One of my childhood favorites 🙂

What Child is This – Vanessa Williams

I love the slow jazz groove that plays while this gifted singer interprets the song in such a magnetic way.  For those that only know her for playing anti-heroines in the 2000s/2010s, she was a pretty well known singer in the 90s.. and this particular song was on a charity holiday album..with an elegant video.  One of my faves 🙂

Tori Amos – A Silent Night With You

A more modern holiday song that is both romantic and melancholy (notice a pattern? LOL).  A song about someone remembering young love, or a love at its start.. when it was new and full of passionate abandon.  A love song with a hint of holiday mixed in.


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