Hallmark Channel needs to be reminded Christmas comes after Halloween

hallmarkSo October 28th kicks off the ‘Countdown to Christmas’ brainwashing with a bunch of poorly made holiday movies.. proving that the network is all about quantity instead of quality.  I guess when the all mighty dollar is dominant, who cares if the product produced has any depth or merit.  Just so long as people gobble it up without actually stopping to think if what they’re consuming has any merit.  As we’ve witnessed over the last year, people really don’t stop to think about the long term effects of impulse decisions.

In the past, I’ve accepted that this sub-par display has existed on the Hallmark Channel (where most of the tv movies feature little to not diversity whatsoever), but now we’re starting the countdown before Halloween has even arrived.  It was one thing when Thanksgiving was overtaken by the need to sell foreign made Christmas products, but now it’s starting to infringe on Halloween.  Hallmark Channel…. the gloves are off… Christmas is not the be all, end all of holidays.  In fact, I know many people that stress out and dread the holiday.. probably because of factors such as your channels stupid insistence on counting down to the Holiday almost two months before it even shows up.

For those that love the holiday, I respect that.. but until the Macy’s Day Parade.. please refrain from counting down to such a commercial holiday (which actually isn’t even a truly Christian holiday since a lot of the traditions and stories come from Pre Christianity) in a public way.  Other important holidays comes before Christmas.. such as Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.  I guess Hallmark channel prefers to exclude instead of include, since the majority of their television movies involves white, straight, mostly christian characters that realize by the end of the movie that their sole purpose is to be married instead of actually discovering who they are as individuals.  My guess is their target audience are conservative white Christians since very few movies on their channel have leads that aren’t straight nor white.

So October 28th kicks off the countdown, I really wish viewers would wake up and realize that the company is just producing sub-par movies in order to push selling their products, hence underestimating the intelligence of the general public.

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