GOP debate: Donald Trump and Freddy Krueger have one thing in common

Before you start throwing the flames my way, let me clarify that I’m not saying that Donald Trump would kill you in your dreams or that he kills children, not whatsoever.  The reason I’m comparing the two is due to the sheer power both of these figures have on the public.  Yes, one is a fictional and the other is a real life person.. but you can’t deny the fact that the two figures gain their power in similar ways.


Freddy Krueger was a figure that haunted people in their dreams and nightmares.  His main source of strength and power was the fear displayed by his victims in their dreams.  He’d scare them so much that they would be afraid of falling asleep, thus would try to find ways to stay awake and not go to sleep.  What that would end up doing was causing the victim to become so tired that when they went to sleep, it was almost next to impossible for them to wake themselves up before Freddy got to them.  In fact, the lone survivor in the first movie Nancy realizes that Freddy operated on people’s fear and the fact that she turned her back on him and no longer felt fear caused his ‘defeat’.. at least in that round.

Donald Trump is a public figure, sometimes you wonder if he’s a real person or an over the top cartoon.  Rather you love him or hate him, you have to admit that he knows how to get press and reinvent himself.  His biggest talent is being able to tap into the fears and frustrations of people in order to get their loyalty thus their business and most likely their vote come primary time.  His methods are so outlandish and atypical of the political machine that people can’t help but notice.  However, he’s a bully that enjoys picking on people as we saw with his cracks about Rosie O’donnell and Megyn Kelly yesterday and today.  The fact that we are talking and writing about him is what is making him so strong and powerful.  If we can turn our back on him like Nancy did with Freddy, we can at least take away part of his power.  However, human nature will most likely be unable to do this and he will continue to get stronger.

While Freddy Krueger and Donald Trump are different entities, the one trait that they share is the ability to tap into the fears of their targets and utilizing it for their gain.  Irregardless of whether one is fictional or not, the fact is that the ability to exploit their victims, yet have followings, is a marvel that should be studied so that we can stop it in its tracks.


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