5 great indie romance movies you'll find on Netflix this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, people are making plans for this special day.  A lot of people I know are opting to stay in and watch a movie.   One of the most popular places to find movies is Netflix, and they offer a wide variety of different types of romantic movies, including some great independent romantic movies.  Below are my 5 favorite indie romantic movies that I’ve found on Netflix.


1)   Muriel’s Wedding (1994)


An indie Australian movie that is funny, sad, and heart-warming with a great soundtrack of Abba tunes.  Basically, this is a story of a misfit who escapes from her life by listening to Abba tunes and dreaming of getting married.  As the movie progresses, her dreams begin to come true, but at what price?

For me, I think this is the most romantic movie because finding oneself and learning to love oneself is the greatest love story of all.  Also, this is the movie that introduced Toni Collette to the American audience and who doesn’t love a good Abba song? 🙂


2)  Timer (2009)


An indie romantic movie combining romance with science fiction.  In this particular charming movie, one has the opportunity to have a device installed on their right arm that counts down to the moment where they meet their soul mate.  This movie focuses on a couple of different people and how the timer affects their future and the choices they make.

For me, I think it shows both the positives and negatives of knowing who your ‘soul-mate’ will be and the movie ends on a hopeful and beautiful note.


3)  The Giant Mechanical Man (2012):


A wonderful hybrid of a romantic movie and a coming of age movie.  Both the lead characters are 30 something and trying to find some sort of purpose and direction in their lives.  The movie starts out slow, but you’ll be rewarded for staying with the movie.

A charming, realistic movie that has both main character finding themselves.. and in doing so, are able to find one another.  A high light is the end of the movie as our female lead confesses to the Giant Mechanical Man her true feelings for our male lead.  Also, look for Topher Grace (from That 70s Show) as an eccentric motivational speaker trying to date our female lead.


4)  Dorfman in Love (2011): 


A romantic comedy that focuses on an over responsible twenty something girl living in California that is caretaker to her family.  When her unrequited crush has to leave on assignment, she jumps at the chance to apartment and cat sit.  Life as she knows it starts to change.

A movie like this can only succeed with a likable lead, and Sara Rue (known for her role in Less Than Perfect) is charming and likable.  You end up wanting her to be happy living her own life especially with a new guy that she meets.


5)  Is it Just me (2010):


A gay romantic comedy about an aspiring writer, who doesn’t quite measure up in the cut throat dating world of West Hollywood.  A promising chat with a great guy is marred by using his room mates screen name by mistake.  From there, typical romantic mishaps ensure.

While the movie employs every romantic comedy trope in the book, I found it refreshing that the main character was a normal looking guy.  No spray on tan, no body glitter, nor showing off the six pack at every turn.  To me, the main character is the true representation of gay men and it was great a movie portrayed that.


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