Merry Minimalist Christmas

For my first official blog post on ChicagoNow, I wanted to blog about something memorable and with the blog going live just before Christmas, I figured what better to blog about then the holiday.

However, as I was setting up this blog, I couldn’t really come up with anything I could contribute to the topic of Christmas.  Until I looked around the house I’m sharing with four people, and realized  there is not a hint of Christmas in sight.  It’s not to say that my roommates and I are anti-Christmas, it’s just that all of us are so busy and hardly ever at home that we just haven’t had time to really decorate.  At first, I figured it was because we are all single.. but I know several people that are single and their residences look ready made for a Christmas card.

I can’t speak for them, but for me, I’ve never understood the motivation for decorating your house for such a short time.  Just as you start to enjoy the lights, tree, stockings, etc, you have to take them all down.  To me, it doesn’t seem worth all that time and hard work, if you have to then turn around in a few weeks and take them all down again.  I’m now starting to understand why retailers are stocking up in September.. they probably feel the same way.

Despite my lack of decorating for the holiday, I do smile whenever a Charlie Brown special comes on, or if I hear an awesome take on a classic song.  I even find myself being a little nicer to those around me, and smiling when a gift I give to someone makes them happy.  For me, the little things such as that makes the season for me.

As I conclude my first blog post on here, I look forward to writing more blogs and getting to know both readers and fellow bloggers alike.  To get a preview of the types of topics I’ll most likely be writing, visit my old blog and you can follow me on twitter @happinessisgold as well.  Till next time!

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