6th Ward Aldermanic Endorsements

6th Ward Aldermanic Endorsements

There is a debate on whether endorsements mean anything. Some claim endorsements don’t mean votes and some believe that the only endorsements that count are those where the organization commits money and/or manpower.Here is a roundup of the endorsements

Note: Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on ballot:

Roderick Sawyer- Incumbent

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Teachers Union

Chicago Federation of Labor(AFL-CIO, AFSCME Local 31)

SEIU Healthcare

United Working Families (Chicago Teachers Union, SEIU* Healthcare, Action Now and Grassroots Illinois Action)

 Democracy For America


Reclaim Chicago

Chicago Police Sargent Association 



Richard Wooten

 Chicago 2015

FOP Lodge #7


 Brian Garner

No Endorsements
If there are more, please let us know. What’s your opinion

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