Black History Month: School Daze Class of 2013

Black History Month: School Daze Class of 2013

In 1987, Director Spike Lee produced the movie “School Daze” . This authentic piece of work examined the Mission College  student’s negative biases, and how their unconstructive view of one another produced conflict on Mission’s campus. Ultimately, the CAMPUS woke up- by accepting responsibilities for their own actions, in hopes to produce a conscious change from within one’s self.


Now, many years later, Mahdi Theatre’s rendition, will promote and infuse a hip twist and turn as well as an “updated” message in this unique and fun stage adaptations.


Furthermore, we want to inspire YOUTH!  “If we have faith the grain of a mustard seed” all things we envision will come to pass. We WILL succeed with producing a Chicago affair in the remaking of School Daze-Class of 2013 stage play.

Additionally, this production will incorporate anticipated guests and impressive themes of Chicago such as local Poets; MOUTHPEACE, Youth Groups: World Performance Drill Team, GREEK organizations, KING’s HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND and many more. SCHOOL DAZE will feature recording artists, Jameisha Trice, who plays the sassy and most “fabulous” JANE TOUSIANT; her songs have been played on popular airwaves such as V1O3 and WGCI. Also, the production features, WVON’s radio personality, Mr. Terry Bishop who portrays the hilarious and bold, HALF-PINT;  “G-PHIG”!

school daze 2013

FRIDAY-SATURDAY Feb. 8-9th, 7pm & SUNDAY Feb,10th, 5pm

KENWOOD ACADEMY, 5015 S. Ave, Chicago, Il 60615

$20 advance ticket. Pay online via-


The mission of the Madhi theatre company is to educate, elevate, and entertain in the arts and to become a positive role model (s) in the lives of aspiring actors, actresses, dancers, singers, and performing artists as a whole by using our God- giving talents to infuse a cultural revolution in the arts.

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