Is This The Swan Song For Jewel-Osco

Is This The Swan Song For Jewel-Osco

The rumors had been flying for several months that Supervalu, the parent company of Jewel and Save-A-Lot stores was looking to sell the chains. Supervalu had previously announced that they were going to close over 200 stores nationwide. Today, they announced that Jewel-Osco would be sold.,0,1454046.story

There had been rumors that the 87th Street(Dan Ryan) store was on the list of possible closures. The store had recently been remodeled and had a management restructuring. The rumors became stronger after Supervalu closed the Save- A- Lot at 79th Dan Ryan after much bally hoo by the mayor Rahm Emanuel that this was going to solve the “food desert” problem.  Also, a number of African American vendors that included Reggios Pizza and others had noticed that their products were being removed from the shelves of the 87th Street store and the other minority community stores with the reasoning being poor sales.

My most recent experience was less that desirable as I was told that the 87th Street store doesn’t take internet coupons while Jewel corporate policy states otherwise. The cashier and supervisor were rude and nasty. Also, a recent conversation with the 21st ward office they stated their displeasure with Jewel as well and stated there were meeting planned to sit down with them and address a number of issues that included poor customer service, poor product selection and crime in the parking lots.

With an investment group buying the chain there will be no room for nonsense and poorly performing stores will be closed irregardless of local pressure. The investment group has no ties to Chicago and doesn’t owe any favors. Also, with Walmart. Aldi’s, Target and Meijers continuing to expand their grocery store footprint competition is heating up and Jewel’s has to compete with these entities.

Hopefully, the store will survive because it will leave Chatham and the 6th ward without a major grocery store chain as Dominick’s left the community years ago and appears to be in an exit mode for the city of Chicago. We have many seniors and others who are in managed care health plans and do not have the ability to choose their prescription medicine provider without paying significant monetary penalties.

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