How To Stop The Terror Town Violence from Spreading: Zero Tolererance

Just hours after the end of Peace in the Park After Dark, and an afternoon where several groups were doing their back to school rallies and parties, the “Terror Town” violence found its way to my community. These beefs between posse’s with multiple gang affiliations are out of control and have found their way out of the far southeast side and moving to other communities throughout the southside. This past Friday night was one of the most violent,0,5211283.story Then Saturday afternoon violence erupted again,0,1971776.story.

The terror town retaliations are out of control and have to be stopped. I wrote a blog post last year and here is an excerpt

I have called for allowing the Chicago Police Department to institute a Zero Tolerance Policy. Many have said “be careful for what you wish for because you might just get it”, but at this point the Chicago Police Department, Roderick Sawyer, Alderman of the 6th ward, Chatham area community based organizations and concerned citizens have to make a strong statement. “NOT HERE AND NOT ON MY BLOCK”. Over the past several years their have been some high profile incidents and the fact is the perpetrators are coming into or through the Chatham community. This must stop, the fear of being arrested must be put on the minds of those who think they can run through and pillage and Chatham is not a “hangout” spot.

Some will say that zero tolerance will not work, will cost the city money settling lawsuits and violates civil rights. But I ask them do you want to be political correct or safe? The zero tolerance and once we stand up and say I’m sick and tired of this $@^%!, then and only then will the senseless violence stop.

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