#Occupy Movements Needed in Black Communities?

#Occupy Movements Needed in Black Communities?

My post today comes from my guest blogger Marcia Hill who is also known as Shorty. She has her own blog Go Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource. . Her take on the escalating crime situation was worth repeating. Here is her take

I was listening to Ty Wansley’s Chicago Speaks on V103 this past Sunday and the topic of discussion was violence in the black community. Ty said that there needs to be an #OccupytheHood movement to end the violence in the community. I agree that something needs to be done, but here are my suggestions on the #Occupy Movements needed in black communities. Of course, these things will only happen in an ideal world, but at least I’m making suggestions, not just complaining.

How about #Occupywhipass ? I was born in the 70s and it was perfectly fine for my teachers, neighbors and any other responsible adult to tag my butt when I misbehaved. And most of my friends turned out just fine. Actually, none of my friends are in jail (that’s not to say a few haven’t seen the inside of a cell during their teens), and no one has a record. “RESPONSIBLE” and “MISBEHAVIOR” are the operative words. There is a difference between a whipping and a beating. And being an adult doesn’t equate to responsibility.

#Occupybeingaparent. It is NOT OK for parent to try to be their children’s friends. If you are the sole parent, it’s even more imperative that you are a parent first.

#OccupyPERSONALresponsiblity and #occupyPERSONALaccountability. For young people ages 12 – 18, you know better and you need to be responsible for some of your decisions and actions. I say some because you are still highly influenced and those influences are powerful. If you are over 18, you better wise up, stop making excuses for things that happened in the past. And for parents making excuses for their children, confronting other adults because of something your child has said without confirming the facts will continue to make you look bad and/or visit your child in jail because you won’t hold him or her accountable for decisions and actions.

#Occupylovetheyself – If you don’t love yourself, you can’t really love anyone else which is why it is so easy to take someone else’s life. I don’t know how to correct this one. The only advice I can give is, turn off the TV and stop allowing people to define who you are and start loving yourself.

#Occupygetridofchurches -There are too many churches in many communities that are only open on Sunday. The community has needs every day.

#Occupytakecareofyourself – Stop waiting for other people to do for you what you can do for yourself.

#Occupycommunity – What happened to the community? Do you know who’s living next door to you? We are not islands, people!

#Occupyrespect – This won’t work unless you practice #occupyloveyourself. But young people really do need to respect their elders; this is where #occupycommunity should step in.

Okay, these are my thoughts. What other occupy movements do you think are needed in Black communities? If you want to speak to Marcia directly http://www.goshorty.net/contact

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