Did the Butcher Finally Castrate William Bill Beavers

Did the Butcher Finally  Castrate William Bill Beavers

Several years ago Bill Beavers made the statement ” “I’m the hog with the big nuts and I’m gonna tell you what it is.” He made this statement after a battle with Cook County commissioners over a sales tax increase.

Many thought the butcher caught him when his daughter lost the aldermandic race to Sandi Jackson and he lost the committeeman’s seat to her. He had a long ruing battle with the Jackson clan and they finally won.

Now it looks like the butcher has him ad he can’t get away. Bill Beavers was indicted on improper use of campaign funds http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-beavers-indicted-20120224,0,4098984.story. They alledge that he used the funds to pay off gambling debts. If the indictment wasn’t enough he and other investors have seen their investment in New City Bank go down the drain as the bank is expected to be taken over by regulators any day now http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20120223/NEWS01/120229893/more-trouble-for-william-beavers-his-bank-on-brink-of-failing.

So what brought this on? Were the feds really after John Daley? Was it after gambler, if so all they have to do is go to the Indiana casinos after midnight to find local officals at the tables. Was this part of the Todd Stroger fall out? Beavers was suppose to the political godfather of Todd Stroger, but Stroger did a crash and burn with nepotism and crony hiring and Beavers let him fall.

So it looks like the butcher is prepping Beavers and it will mark the fall of the old “black political machine”.

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