Will a Remap Compromise Make Anyone Happy: Not in the 6th Ward

Will a Remap Compromise Make Anyone Happy: Not in the 6th Ward

Black Caucus Map, Latino Caucus Map, Taxpayer Map. How bout a Mickey Mouse map because that’s what it all starting to sound like.The facts are plain and simple but the alderman cannot seem to find a way to come to a agreement that will make the citizens of Chicago happy and withstand legal challenges for those who will be unhappy with the results.

Chatham and the 6th ward is approximately 95% African American and through years of gerrymandering the boundaries have been moved to include portions of Greater Grand Crossing also known as East Englewood.

For reasons unknown, the members of the black caucus presented a map that again moved the boundaries of the ward but totally redefine the ward. The new boundaries have incensed the residents of the ward as it redefines the 6th ward as the ward that represents Englewood and its not sitting well will residents east of the Dan Ryan expressway. Residents of the 6th ward both east and west of the Dan Ryan have made their presence and displeasure known at remapping hearings. One resident took to social media to let their displeasure be known. The resident left their comment at The Sixth Ward Blog (not associated with the alderman’s office)

Irate in the 6th Ward!Jan 13, 2012 04:57 PM
Maybe I’m missing something here, but how does Alderman Sawyer plan to vote? Last I looked, it was the citizens of the 6th Ward who got him elected. I don’t recall a run from the incumbent Alderman in the Black Caucus to endorse and support his candidacy in his run-off with Lyle.

If Alderman Sawyer plans to vote to support the Black Caucus map at the expense of the voters who got him elected in the 6th Ward, then I say he should be a ONE TERM ALDERMAN!

Anyone who would support that incompetent, ego tripping, imperialist
acting, brainy smurf, Alderman Brookins, should go by the wayside. This
new map would so hideously impact Chatham voters by making our home and automobile insurance go up because we would not have enough of the middle class communities in the ward any longer. It would make Chatham, given the other blights we are now fighting, unattractive beyond compare in our efforts to get younger families to move here.This is an aging ward, people, with most people over 55 years of age living in the ward.

As for Brookins, I hope someone will start the drive to assist voters in his ward for PAYBACK! The kind of PAYBACK SUPPORT to make sure he loses his office. Oh, so you Alderman Brookins plan to give 9th Ward Alderman Beale part of the 6th Ward to be fair. As well as a piece to Brookins’ ward too! This is the kind of slick move that will eventually cost Brookins any ambitions he has for a bigger office in the future.

If 6th Ward voters are paying attention, they should know Brookins has always taken issue with the strength and independence of the 6th ward voter. He has never liked that we question his motives across the Dan
Ryan if they don’t seem to be firmly fitting with the community.

I am hoping none of us forget this if his recommended map gets approved! I’m hoping black voters in the old 6th Ward, as we are splintered via this new map, remember to dog him the rest of his career. This has nothing to do with being equitable as much as it has to do with helping incompetents like Beale stay in office. Though ultimately, he will probably lose anyway.

And is it true that Beale is so scared of folks in our ward that he has
asked that the blocks Richard Wooten live on stay in the 6th Ward so he won’t be challenged in the next aldermanic election he runs in?

All in all, I will be sicken if Sawyer sucks up to the Black Caucus and bends over to kiss Brookins’ ring. If he does, heed this warning, Alderman Sawyer–– Find another office to run for because the rest of us remaining in the 6th Ward will be gunning for YOU! And rightly so!

P.S. It’s time for black voters to stop licking the boots of the professional, black career alderman. It’s time for us to vote for only 25 alderman and see how the whole political landscape shakes up! These people are in it only for their own benefit. And ultimately, that’s why black communities have been on the demise. This is not a slick white boy move for 25 alderman, as much as it is a new day move that removes the blinders from the eyes of black voters who are still wanting to believe that the Black Caucus is really concerned about our lives.
It’s a New Year, let’s seek a New Beginning!

The most recent news states a compromise map has been drawn up. This map is suppose to make the alderman happy but will it make residents happy? I don’t think any map at this point will make 6th ward residents happy.

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