The New 6/8/9th Ward

The New 6/8/9th Ward

Well its over for now. The Black Caucus led by Alderman Howard Brookins finally bent down and kissed the ring and crowned the new king. Move over King Richard and make room for King Rahm. Only two African American Alderman had the guts to stand up and say NO. The rest gave in like cowards and basically sealed their fate. This map that was thown down their throats and not presented to the public sealed the demise of the Black Caucus and most of their pathetic members. The members need to make sure they have their continuing education requirements in order and pay up all their fees because most will have to go back into private practice as attorneys and others will hit the unemployment line like former Cook County Commissioner Todd Stroger.

Yes the 6th ward and Chatham were split up, it wasn’t expected but came to no surprise. It’s Chicago politics and when you start crowning mini kings who have egos the size of the State of Illinois you can expect petty politics and its clearly what the motive was when they cut up the sixth ward.

We have the 6/8/9th ward because all these areas are interconected with families, business and civic interest. Unfortunately, now to get anything done that will benefit the residents we will have to deal with three politician versus one. To the demise of some of my neighbors, the one they will have to deal with is a genius.

Alderman Anthony Beale, a smart gentleman who is only in office as the result of riding the coat tails of Jesse Jackson Jr. and Rev. James Meeks. Mr Beale is a friend of education and economic development. Mr. Beale has supported the academically failing high school Corliss and he also supported the academically and financially failing elementary school of his mentor James Meeks. He fought tooth and nail against the opening of Kwame Nkrumah academy, the best performing elementary school in his ward and was indifferent about Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, a selective enrollment high school.

His position on economic development is just as stellar. He let his mentor Meeks close down stores in Roseland they deemed “problems” but have yet reopened anything leaving vacant storefronts. Also, he stalled developers on a project to redevelop 115th Michigan after they tore down the mini mall standing there. He stalled to allow his mentor to attempt to bully his way into the development. Now years later you have several acres of weeded lots.

So what will he do with strong community organizations such as Chesterfield Community Council, West Chesterfield Community Association and Roseland Heights Community Associations who have all vowed to make his life miserable. What will he do with top performing elementary schools Mcdade Classical, Burnside Scholastic, and Harlan High Schools. What will he do to support up and coming Chicago State University? On economic development will he hinder the Imani Village project like he did Kwame Nkrumah because his mentor is not involved?

Now on to Alderman Michelle Harris, who got elected because the residents of the 8th ward believed she would lead like her late aunt Lorraine Dixon. Boy were they mislead. No economic development to speak of. A major area of land that has been vacant for years and prime for redevelopment has and continues to stay vacant. All of the schools in her ward are under performers. So why would she elect to pick up several residential blocks in Chatham? She and her cohorts have always made negative comments toward Chatham residents and now she has to represent some.

So this is the payback that residents of the 6th ward have to deal with because we would not bend down and praise the new Messiah Walmart and their sponsor and calling out African American Alderman who took gambling lobbyist money. I think the comment made at The Sixth Ward Blog sums up how residents feel:

Can you imagine that black aldermen would have coveted their own self interests to the point of destroying one of the bedrocks of black, middle class communities in the city of Chicago and think they, incredibly, won’t suffer the consequences? It’s HIT LIST time folks!

Do you really believe, Alderman Beale, that the new communities that are now shoved in your ward––Chesterfield, West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights–– are going to VOTE FOR YOU when the time comes? Currently, your entire ward doesn’t vote with the intensity of these three communities put together.

Do you think Alderman Brookins we can’t come across the Dan Ryan into your ward and help anybody–-including BOZO THE CLOWN–-run against you? Don’t even think about the dog catcher job! That’s how bad we are going to make your life. Sixth ward citizens are going to be gunning for YOU! We are never going to FORGET THIS!

The Black Caucus may have taken a bite out of us, but we will ferret out the masterminds–-of which Fredrenna Lyle cavorted with because of her aldermanic loss––and as they say–payback is a b—–!
People, just pick up the CHICAGO MAGAZINE, JANUARY 2012 ISSUE and see which aldermen have gang ties.
See how low they all have descended. If the FEDS every get involved, don’t feel sorry for any of them!

We are going to ferret out anyone who is part of the lead aldermen who ripped us apart and go after you like a grizzly bear ––who has been sleeping all winter––that’s hungry––and never had sex and is looking for a mate. Because yes, most of us in the 6th Ward weren’t paying attention! Just look at the 43rd Ward and see how those rich, white folks in Lincoln Park reacted when they proposed cutting them up and dropping them into three wards as of Monday of this week. Did they take it! Hell NO! 600 hundred of them showed up to protest!

You can be sure that every person on the Northside got on the phone and blew up Emanuel’s digits until they got his attention. They reminded him that they have a lot of rich attorneys who live in Lincoln Park who would have tied the City of Chicago in court FOREVER! And boy, did our mayor make the council back away from the 43rd Ward like a rattler shaking it’s tail at a bobcat!

And don’t think that Rahm Emanuel actually cares about preseving the black, middle class either. Cause if he did, he certainly didn’t demonstrate it this time. So stop thinking he’s President Obama cuz he ain’t! Make him WORK for your vote the next time––like a Hebrew slave!

So black folks in the 6th Ward–– take note when we discover who were the MASTERMINDS who decided to put us uppity, middle class black folks in our place––let’s go after them like PIT BULLS! Like folks who have lost our MINDS!
They are really scared of us! Case in point: it seems that Alderman Beale made sure that Richard Wooten who lives in Chesterfield and should now be a part of the 9th Ward according to their new map… well, his home and one other block are still going to remain in the 6th Ward. Beale feared this brother would go after him and have a real shot at his job in future elections! Pitiful! Weak!

But hey, I suspect a deal was cut with the CEO of Chesterfield’s Community Group who never once rallied his community to come out and question the remap. So Alderman Beale, maybe he will be your competition for your seat––unless you and Brookins have already cut him a deal for whatever!

It’s time to WAKE UP, folks! These professional, political incumbents and their lackeys are only concerned about their self-preservation, pensions and power. They ain’t thinking about what it took to try to keep you and your family afloat to aspire and remain part of the black, middle class.

And if anyone is taking them to court, you need to come out and HELP that legal group!

You, my sixth ward neighbors, need to pay attention! You need to stop feeling you owe them your allegiance because they are BLACK! Because frankly speaking, all these black politicians think they owe you is a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and a few block party permits.

It’s time to get ANGRY and do something about it! We may have lost this battle but the war is hardly over!

So welcome Alderman Harris and Alderman Beale. Were they geniuses or cowards?


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  • I was on the radio talking about this. I think that the black caucus won this round. What do you think ??

  • They won this one for themselves but will lose in the long run as they have pissed off voters and now Rahm can run his candidates against them and take control of their wards.

  • Making sure there are enough black wards doesn't matter. What should matter is strengthening middle class wards, not undermining them. The voices of the middle class has been diluted by the addition of more poor people who don't share the same concerns.
    This is the ideal constituancy group for imcompetant selfish black politicians as the poor-lower middle class won't hold them accountable, challenge or threaten them. It isn't surprising that the aldermen would seek out more security for themselves at the expense of the middle class.

  • Most of the time I think its us vs the black political establishment. They are mostly poverty pimps and don't want to deal with the black middle class as we aren't humble docile sheep like lower income people.

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