An Open Letter to Alderman Sawyer- What Chatham Residents Want

An Open Letter to Alderman Sawyer- What Chatham Residents Want

Several weeks ago there was a post about what Chatham residents wanted see in their community. Since that post residents have sent emails and made comments on this subject.

This past weekend our Alderman issued a press release encouraging residents “To Shop Local”. There was an intersting comment made about the press release

Revitalizing the busineeses sounds great but the businesses need to revitalize their vision to what people want in the 21st Century. The old ways of eating have been proven to be unhealthy and the consumers palette for music, books etc. has expanded. Make it relevant and the people will come to purchase

So I decided to compile the results and send a letter to my Alderman. Here is my letter

Economic Development Letter

So will the letter help?


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  • Whole foods is overpriced and treats its employees badly. 5 Guys is just bad food.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Thanks for the response. Most state we are in a "Food Desert" because we do not have a Whole Foods.

  • Dear Alderman Sawyer,

    I am writing as a concerned parent from Jane A. Neil Elementary school regarding the recent decision to replace Mr. Matthew Dimos, a 3rd grade teacher in the middle of the school year. Mr. Dimos has been an exceptional teacher from the start of school and is taking great measures to ensure that our students are prepared for the next grade. In doing this, Mr. Dimos has made learning challenging but fun as he raises the bar in learning standards as he strongly believes that if you raise the bar high, children will rise up to meet it.

    This year is a transitional year for any third grade class and there can be added anxiety from preparation for the ISAT test. There are 3rd grade children are preparing anxiously not only at Jane A. Neil School, but all over the City of Chicago and there are some teachers who will adequately prepare their students, and there are some who will not. Mr. Dimos has been stressing the importance of preparing his class for the ISAT testing since the beginning of the year. He has held parent meetings discussing his goals for our students, and has outlined the course of action in which he will take to help our children achieve them.

    At this time, I believe that it will be a great detriment to this 3rd grade class to remove Mr. Dimos from his current position. Our children have become accustomed to Mr. Dimos’s teaching style and pattern, and to replace him at this junction will be negligent and irresponsible. The focus of the classroom would no longer be preparing for the ISAT, but it will be children trying to re-acclimate students to a new teacher in which they have never had any interaction within their school day. While making effort to explain to our children why such a great teacher is leaving them at such an important time, it will be very difficult to regain focus towards the ISAT testing in such a short time. I understand that there are circumstances that may seem to be uncontrollable, but I believe that anyone who realizes that this decision is not in the best interest of these students will have a change of mind. As a concerned parent, I am requesting as Alderman, you plead to CPS administrators on our behalf that this decision be reconsidered or at least postponed until the end of the school year. Thank you.

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