Recap of the Troubled Building Seminar

Recap of the Troubled Building Seminar

Over 350 residents of the 5,6,7,8,17,18,20,and 21st wards came out to Carter Temple this past Saturday morning. Alderman Roderick Sawyer in conjunction with the 3rd & 6th district Chicago Police Department CAPS departments held a Troubled Building Seminar. The seminar was presented in response to the growing number of complaints that various city agencies and alderman are receiving regarding vacant buildings. Howard Brookins Jr, Alderman of the 21st ward urged residents to stop running and work to rebuild their communities. Willie Cochran, Alderman of the 20th ward was scheduled to attend but could not due to a family emergency.

The central theme of the seminar was correcting issues with troubled buildings is a process and various agencies can and sometimes will have to get involved. Also, the process can lead up to long court battles so patience is necessary. Speakers included Chicago Police Department Commander Christopher Fletcher, Cynthia Vance, Chicago Police Department Leuitentant- Troubled Building Unit, City of Chicago Department of Buildings, Law, and Strategic Task Force, Jimmy Stewart, Chicago Housing Authority, Ronald Holt, Director of CAPS program, Linda Hanpton, Streets and Sanitation 6th ward and Chicago Fire Department.

The seminar also included representatives from South Central Community Services, Neighborhood Housing Services,Chicago Police Department Gang Unit, Chicago Housing Authority, ADT Security Services and City of Chicago Emergency Management services Department. The seminar rapped up with attendees treated to a breakfast supplied by The Greater Chatham Alliance Community organization.

If you have problems with an open and vacant building, call 311 and file a repor. Also, some other resources are Chicago Police Department Troubled Building Unit If you have an issue with Section 8 call 1-800-533-0441 or contact

The event was well planned and attended hats off to 3rd & 6th district CAPS staff and the 6th ward alderman’s office. My only question was where were the other Alderman, especially Alderman Beale of the 9th ward who has representatives telling 6th ward residents south of 87th , he is the new sheriff in town. Hopefully, they will stay in the 6th ward because if they move to the 9th they will get what the 9th ward has gotten, a former “rock star” state representative and a do nothing Alderman.

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