"Pawn Stars" Comes To Chatham

Well let me explain. The TV Show is NOT coming to Chatham but a group called EZ Corp believes that they can create the next reality show hit by opening a store in Chatham.

Pawn Stars is a show that follows the daily activity of a pawn shop that is located off the Las Vegas strip. The show shows individuals bringing in items from A-Z that they believe are worth thousands of dollars and most find that their items are only worth a fraction of what they think they are worth and some find that they have fakes and forgeries not worth anything. The show has become a hit and glamorizes the pawn business. There is also another show about the pawn industry that shows a different side and more realistic view of the pawn industry. “Hardcore Pawn” shows the day to day drama that goes on in a Detroit city pawn shop. The customers bring in costume jewelry, gaming systems, furniture and body parts to pawn. Most of these customers pawn these items to feed gambling and other addictions.

So what store would show up in Chatham? The store would be located in the space that housed the former Chatham Pancake House and Yonni’s Chicken and Waffles at 700 E. 87th. The news of the opening of this store has stirred up controversy in the community. Both Chatham Avalon Park Community Council (CAPCC) and Chesterfield Community Council (CCC) both oppose the opening of the store. Also, a number of residents feel that the pawn shop disguised as “Chatham Jewelry and Loan” ,located on 79th, is enough and its presence may hurt the new Garrett’s Popcorn location that is currently under construction as well as deter other businesses from coming into the area. The National Pawn Broker Association was contacted and did not respond

So let your voice be heard. There will be a community meeting this Thursday September 29,2011 at Seaway National Bank at 6:30 pm.

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